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Teens suspected of tearing up crops
Recent crime reports

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office and Richmond Hill Police Department incident reports:

Oct. 11

Animal complaint — An Ellabell man reported that a neighbor’s pit bull came into his yard on Black Creek Church Road and bit his dog.

The man said the pit bull jumped the fence surrounding his backyard and attacked his dog, leaving some marks on the neck but did not break the skin, the report states.

The owner of the pit bull said she would pay for any veterinary treatment the other dog needed. The man said the pit bull coming onto his property has been a recurring problem, and its owner was told Animal Control would take the dog if that continues.

Oct. 10

Harassment — An Ellabell man complained that a group of people is harassing him at his home on Highway 204.

He told a BCSO deputy that over the past month, people on all-terrain vehicles and dirt bikes and in an SUV have been revving their engines on the road in front of his house or in his yard. The man said the problems began after he yelled to one ATV rider that he didn’t want them riding in front of his house, according to the report.

The man said the offenders ride by his house slowly and speed up, or they slow down and yell swear words at him if he is outside. He described the offenders as being in their late teens to early 20s and asked for extra patrols in the area, the report states.

Oct. 8

Property damage — A Richmond Hill man complained that juveniles have been “tearing up” his crop fields while trespassing on the property he leases at Belfast Keller and Belfast River roads.

The man has posted “no trespassing” signs on the property, which abuts Richmond Hill Middle School. He wants to prosecute the youths if they are caught, according to the report.

Oct. 5
Unlicensed driver — A Richmond Hill man was arrested on multiple charges after a check of his car tag showed it belonged to a different vehicle.

The man told an RHPD officer that he has not had a driver’s license for 16 years, according to the report. He reportedly said the tag belonged to his other vehicle and he was driving his girlfriend’s car, which has no registration and no insurance and has been sitting at his house for eight years.

Records showed the tag belonged to another man, the report states. The driver was charged with having no license, insurance and registration, and concealing the identity of a vehicle.

Marijuana possession — A Hinesville man was charged with marijuana possession after he was pulled over on Highway 17 for having a suspended driver’s license.

An RHPD officer reportedly saw marijuana pieces on the man’s cellphone, which was sitting on his lap. The driver looked confused when he was asked about the marijuana and said “that was all of it,” according to the report.

The officer also found a partially smoked marijuana cigar inside a cigarette box in the driver’s door compartment. The driver said the blunt “must be old,” the report states.

Oct. 4

Threats — A clerk at the Motel 6 on Highway 17 called police after an angry customer threatened to “whoop her (expletive).”

The hotel guest had asked for a refund because she believed her room had bedbugs, according to the report. The woman was given a cash refund but became angry when she was given only a receipt and not a copy of the hotel’s refund paperwork.

The woman reportedly snatched the paperwork from the clerk’s hand, called her obscene names and said, “I’ll just wait in the parking lot until you get off. Then I’ll kick your (expletive), you fat (expletive).” She sat in a car in the parking lot for several minutes before leaving, the report states.

Shoplifting — A North Carolina man, accused of shoplifting a shirt from the TA Travel Center on Highway 17, was caught wearing the evidence.

The man allegedly took a three-pack of T-shirts from the store, but dropped two of the three shirts as he left. Witnesses said they saw the man walk across the street toward Snazzy’s restaurant.

The suspect reportedly was wearing the third T-shirt when police questioned him in the Snazzy’s parking lot, and he admitted to the shoplifting. An officer gave the man a ride to Chatham County so he could catch a bus to the Greyhound bus station in Savannah.

Vehicle accident — A wrecked car was found abandoned on Port Royal Road near the entrance to the Publix shopping center.

The Dodge Neon had “extensive damage,” and two empty whiskey shooters were on the ground near it, according to the report. An RHPD officer reportedly was familiar with the car and contacted the owner, who agreed to meet him at Highway 144 and Fort McAllister Road.

The driver told the officer she had not drunk alcohol before the accident but did drink after wrecking the car, the report states. The woman declined EMS treatment for a cut over her right eye and refused to tell the officer where she went after the crash or how she got to Highway
144 and Fort McAllister Road.

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