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Teen hits boy with truck on Tybee
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Authorities are expecting no charges – and little if any other information – to come out of the investigation into a murder suicide early Tuesday morning at 20500 Hwy. 144 in South Bryan.
Bryan County Sheriff Clyde Smith said there was no note explaining why 49-year-old Jeffery Minor shot his wife Gail, approximately 50, in their bedroom before going outside and firing 10 shots with an attack riffle at the neighboring home at 62 Smith Road and then returning inside to set fire to his house and eventually shoot himself in the head.
The autopsy of both bodies revealed gunshot wounds to be the cause of death. And while results are still pending on toxicology reports, Smith said he doesn’t expect charges to result from what’s left of the investigation.
“There’s nobody left to charge,” he said.
Smith said deputies were originally called to 62 Smith Road in response to shots fired at the home but were led to the Minors’ home by the sound of smoke alarms there.
While Minor had used a .38-caliber handgun to shoot his wife and eventually himself, he used an AR-15 semi-automatic riffle when he fired rounds at the neighbors’ home.
Smith said some of the bullets fired at the house got lodged in the exterior walls, but some passed all the way through.
“Nobody (at 62 Smith Road) was hurt – luckily,” he said.
Minor reportedly then returned to the home and began to trash the place, setting several fires before going into the bedroom where he shot himself. Smith said the Minors were the only residents at the Hwy. 144 home.
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