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Signs you might be DUI: going wrong way, driving through yards
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

April 7 –
Officers stopped a Richmond Hill woman after watching her make a left turn onto Hwy. 144, head west on the wrong side of the road, cross over the railroad tracks and then make an abrupt lane change into the right lane. Cpl. Jonathan Zirpolo reportedly smelled alcohol and observed bloodshot/glassy eyes and slurry speech when questioning the driver. The woman was arrested for DUI after failing a sobriety test.

April 5 –
Cpl. Steven Potts responded to a Shady Oak Circle residence after two sibling residents reported a theft of a cell phone. After seeing a white car pass by the home, the younger sibling, while playing in the neighbor’s front yard, allegedly saw a passenger from the car walking toward her home. A short while later, the juvenile saw the suspect walking in the opposite direction of her home carrying a bag that looked like the same bag that contained her cell phone, which was located just inside the front door of her home. The juvenile told her older brother, who was in the home at the time, what she saw, and he chased the suspect to the El Cheapo on Harris Trail Road, where he lost contact with the suspect. The siblings described the suspect as a black male in a black shirt and black pants and with some gold teeth. All units canvassed the area but were unable to find the suspect or the white car.

Possession of marijuana
April 5 –
Officers noticed a vehicle with headlights off and backed into a heavily wooded area near the Sommer’s building off Osprey Drive after midnight. The three men in the vehicle told Cpl. Jonathan Zirpolo they were waiting on a friend so they could “hang out.” The officer reportedly noticed the odor of burnt marijuana coming from the car. The driver and front passenger denied being in possession of any illegal substances and gave the officer permission to search them and the vehicle. Zirpolo found nothing in the car or on the men, but noticed a small plastic baggy with a green leafy substance laying about a foot away from the front passenger door and a second baggy about 2 feet away from the first one. All three subjects were arrested for possession of marijuana.

Theft by taking
April 4 –
Sgt. Eric Gaustad responded to the Motel Six at Hwy. 17 and 405 in reference to stolen gas. The victim explained that around 7 a.m. he walked to his car in the motel parking lot and reportedly found the gas hatch and cap open. All doors were locked, but the victim said he also found a minor scratch near the gas opening of the car. The victim also said he found lying on the ground next to his car and that the gas level was about a quarter of a tank less than it had been the night before. The officer observed the scratch and tubing, but discovered the motel had no surveillance of the parking. The man did not want to attempt prosecution but filed a report for insurance purposes.

Public drunkenness
March 31 –
Officers were dispatched to Blue Wing Drive, where they were met in the street by a man who reportedly smelled of alcohol and was unsteady on his feet. The offender’s father then approached the officers and explained he’d received a call from his ex-daughter-in-law, who said his son was at her house causing problems and using offensive language in front of her children. The father told the woman to call the police, which she did. The offender tested positive for the presence of alcohol, and due to his behavior in front of the officers Cpl. Timothy Saia arrested the man for public drunkenness.

March 28 –
Officers responded to a vandalism call at an Osprey Drive home. The man who made the call told Officer Robert Linton that another man was backing into the driveway at the residence and struck his car. The driver denied hitting the car, but Linton reportedly observed fresh damage on the parked car consistent to that on the driver’s car, as well as concrete blocks lining the driveway that were broken and scattered and tire tracks in the yard. The officer also reportedly noticed the smell of alcohol on the driver. After failing a sobriety test, the driver was arrested for DUI.

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