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Shots in neighborhood draw complaints, advice
Bryan County Sheriff's blotter

Dec. 6: A deputy was dispatched to a Homestead Drive address in Ellabell regarding “a neighbor shooting.” The complainant said his neighbor had been shooting a shotgun and was disturbing others. The deputy spoke to the man doing the shooting. He said he shot his 9MM handgun four times at a fox that was killing his chickens, but he had missed.
The deputy told the offender that he could be arrested for shooting within 50 yards of a road and advised him to buy a .22-caliber rifle and dispatch of the nuisance fox with a more quiet and accurate firearm.
The complainant, however, insisted that the offender had been consistently shooting a handgun for over 20 minutes. The deputy told the complainant to call back if the offender began shooting again.

Dec. 8
• A BCSO deputy patrolling Quail Road in South Bryan was flagged down around 1:45 p.m. by a man who said he was helping his elderly neighbor by moving her trashcans when he saw someone spray painting obscene images on her trashcan and shed. When the man told his neighbor what he had seen, she said strange things had been happening around her residence. Neither the man nor the elderly woman had any idea who would have done it.
• A deputy took a report of criminal trespass that occurred in a gravel pit off Kilkenny Road. The complainant let the deputy watch a video that showed a car doing doughnuts in the lot, displacing a lot of gravel. The car left but returned two minutes later and continued to do doughnuts. The footage wasn’t conclusive enough to identify the license plate or the car’s occupants, but authorities have the car’s make and model and color.
• A man turned in a firearm he found in a marsh while hunting off Co-Op Road. The firearm was placed in an evidence box and given to evidence custodian. There was nothing in the report on the type of firearm.

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