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Sheriffs office investigates middle school cyber bullying
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Bryan County Sheriff's Office.

The following information is taken from Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Deputies responded to a Buckhead East home Wednesday evening to perform a welfare check on a Richmond Hill Middle School student after receiving reports of potential cyber bullying.

A mother called to report that she had taken her son’s cell phone away and discovered text messages relating to another student. The texts indicated that other students at the school were encouraging a female student to kill herself, and she reached out to the boy asking if he felt the same way. The boy responded that she should not do it and that she should tell her parents about the situation.

Deputies then went to the girl’s home and spoke with her and her mother. The girl admitted that because of the bullying that she had thought about committing suicide “but she never took action and did not truly want to die.”

The girl told EMS that she did not want to harm herself. She and her mother refused transport to Memorial Hospital in Savannah for a mental health evaluation.  

The report stated that the incident would be turned over to the school administration and the school resource officer.

Water is for boats — Deputies responded to the Demeries Creek Boat Ramp Tuesday afternoon for a damaged property report. When they arrived they found a Ford F150 almost fully submerged in the water about 20 feet from the ramp.

Two men told deputies they were attempting to load a boat onto a trailer when one of the men accidentally put the vehicle in reverse instead of park and jumped out to help load the boat. One of the men also reported that an entire prescription for Oxycodone sitting on the dash of the truck was destroyed.

A wrecker was called to retrieve the truck and trailer.

Sounds like a country song — A man told deputies Wednesday that his ex-girlfriend and her acquaintances were responsible for stealing his motorcycle, his motorcycle trailer and his dog.

The man provided evidence of a Facebook post showing the motorcycle and trailer for sale “at a reduced price” and that the items needed to be sold “ASAP.” By Wednesday evening, the Facebook post had been removed and an agreement was reached to return the man’s dog to him.

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