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Sheriffs deputy rescues jumper
bryan county sheriff even larger

Bryan County Sheriff’s Deputy Kenneth Squires rescued a man Monday afternoon who was considering jumping from the overpass at exit 143 on I-16.

According to a report from the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office, Squires responded to a call around 1 p.m. Monday about a man sitting on the overpass railing with his legs dangling over the side above westbound traffic.

The report said Squires approached the man to within five feet and began asking him questions. Squires reported the man was crying and his body was shaking as he said everything he does is wrong and that he is no longer allowed to see his children.

As Squires distracted the man with conversation, he was able to grab him and pull him off the railing, detaining him until EMS arrived. The man voluntarily agreed to be transported to Memorial Health for further evaluation.

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