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Sheriff's blotters for May 8
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Simple battery, April 23 – Deputies responded to a fight in progress on Black Creek Church Road in Ellabell. A resident there told Deputy Ernesto Nieves that a neighbor’s son had called him over to the property fence line to talk. When the resident got to the fence, the neighbor’s son allegedly slapped him with an open hand on the left cheek and then fled the scene in a gray car. A witness said she saw the resident get called over to the fence but did not see him get slapped. The resident was advised of the warrant process in chase he chose to press charges.

Shoplifting/public intoxication
April 24 – A Guyton woman was arrested after trying to take a cart full of unpaid groceries to her car. Deputies responded around 5 p.m. to the Ken’s IGA in Ellabell after the store manager reported that a woman had taken an entire shopping cart of groceries out of the store without paying and was loading them into her car. When the store manager confronted the woman, she said she had only gone outside to get another cart. The woman then put the groceries back into the cart and returned to the store. When Deputy Ernesto Nieves arrived, the woman was in a checkout line attempting to pay for the groceries. While questioning the woman, the deputy allegedly smelled alcohol on her breath and noticed that her behavior was more erratic than that of someone under the influence of alcohol alone. The woman admitted to taking prescription drugs trazodone and Cymbalta – both anti-depressants -- as well as Xanax, for anxiety, and Lorcet, a painkiller. The woman was arrested for shoplifting and public intoxication and transported to the Bryan County jail.

Theft by taking
April 25 –
Deputies responded the Clarktown Road area where a man said he witnessed a theft from his property on Hwy. 17 in Richmond Hill. He said as he pulled up to his business, he saw an older white van leaving the property. The van was pulling a trailer containing up to six metal rims for semi trucks that belonged to him. The man followed the van to a home on Clarktown Road, where Deputy Bryan McGuire saw the van and a flat bed trailer that had been recently parked. The deputy spoke with a man at the residence who did not know when the van got there because he’d been sleeping but did know who it belonged to. Deputy McQuire used the resident’s cell phone to call the van owner. While the deputy attempted to ask the van owner questions about the van, the man asked the officer why he was asking and said “You don’t understand how this is going to work – you are going to answer my questions first.” After ending the call, the deputy gathered statements from nearby witnesses who said they saw the van enter the driveway at a high rate of speed and then two men jump out, although they did not have a description. The van and trailer were towed and put on hold for further investigation.

April 26 –
Deputies received an alarm call around 2:30 a.m. at the Parker’s store on Hwy. 17 in Richmond Hill, where the front door was smashed in and scratch-off lottery tickets were missing from under the counter. The surveillance video showed a white single-cab Nissan truck pull into the parking lot and drive directly into the front door. Two males dressed in black with their faces covered entered the store and took a total of 16 rolls of lottery tickets and two packs of Marlboro cigarettes. Information was forwarded to surrounding law enforcement agencies and the incident was turned over to the sheriff department’s investigative unit.

Possession of methamphetamine and marijuana
April 26 –
A Pembroke man and a Garden City man were arrested on multiple drug charges after deputies noticed a suspicious vehicle on Dashers Landing Road in Ellabell. The two men exited the car and Deputy Robert Crapse confronted the two men. The deputy recognized the Pembroke man as a known drug user and allegedly observed that he was intoxicated and appeared to be under the influence of narcotics. When speaking to the second man, the deputy allegedly smelled burnt and unburnt marijuana. While detaining the Garden City man on an outstanding warrant for probation violation out of Richmond Hill, Deputy Crapse found a small plastic baggy containing a green leafy substance, as well as a digital scale. After patting down the other man, the deputy found a large concealed knife and a pen containing a white residue suspected to be methamphetamine, which the man admitted to snorting earlier in the day. When the deputy looked into the passenger side of the car, a large amount of pseudoephedrine pills were found. The men were arrested for possession of marijuana, possession of substances containing pseudoephedrine and possession of methamphetamines and transported to the Bryan County jail.

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