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Scam reported in Richmond Hill
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A woman who lives in the 100 block of Cottonham Court in Richmond Hill told police March 18 she believes she was the victim of a scam.
The woman said at about 7 p.m. March 3, a man knocked on her door and identified himself as her neighbor across the street, according to an initial incident report on file at the Richmond Hill Police Department. She said the man also said he was in the military, was coaching a football team in Savannah, and that the team was invited to a tournament in Hawaii. The man asked for money to help pay for the team’s travel, and the woman donated a check worth $102, a report stated.
The man asked for the check to be made out to MFA, the woman told police. On March 10, her bank statement showed that the check was deposited by an organization known as Marquis Fulfillment Agency LLC.
After researching the group, the woman realized it is known for scamming people with stories like the one that was told to her, the report stated. The woman told police she would not prosecute if the offender was found, but she wanted to file an incident report to prevent other people from being taken advantage of.

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