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RV purchase is lesson in trust
Bryan County Sheriff's blotter

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Department Incident reports:

Public disturbance: A deputy was sent to a Blige Road address around 2:20 a.m. Monday to umpire a domestic dispute. There, he talked with a woman who said "her boyfriend … had been drinking all day. (She) stated (he) came home and started beating on her trailer windows."

The woman said her boyfriend took off before the deputy got there, but he ambled back and told the deputy "he had been drinking and was hitting the windows to wake (his girlfriend) up because he was cold and locked out of the residence."

The woman asked if the deputy could make her boyfriend go away, but "she was advised we could not legally make him leave since it is his residence as well. Both parties were advised to keep civil and separate, if possible."

Aggravated assault, weapon: A deputy was sent to a Pine Needle Drive residence "in reference to a complaint involving five teenagers arguing, one with a firearm," a report said.

After talking with three witnesses, the deputy determined "the incident first started over messages posted on Facebook," the report said.

"(The victim) said she was commenting on an ex-best friend’s Facebook page when the suspected offender … began threatening her on Facebook. Apparently, (the victim) and her ex-bestfriend were arguing during the posts and (the suspected offender’s) name was mentioned."

That led to threats.

"(A witness) said (the suspected offender) arrived at their residence. He began yelling and brandished his firearm. She said he walked up, had the firearm in his right hand, and was yelling to ‘take it off’ Facebook."

The suspected offender left after being told to leave. All the Facebook messages had been erased "by all parties," and the witnesses were given option to fill out statements.

Assist EMS: A deputy was sent to a Tivoli Marsh address on Tuesday when a woman reported she wasn’t feeling well and thought she might have been poisoned. "(She) advised she was feeling funny and believes that she may have been poisoned. (She) could not tell me when or how she may have been poisoned. South Bryan EMS arrived on scene a short time after my arrival. After being checked by EMS and having a chance to calm down, (the woman) advised she believes she was having a panic attack and had not been poisoned. (The woman) refused transport by EMS and decided to stay with her mother and sister for the remainder of the night."

Drugs, suspended license: Around 8 a.m. Jan. 24 a deputy reported he and his fellow deputies "received information from dispatch that there was a maroon car and a white car appearing to get ready to race on Highway 280 from Parkers to I-16," a report said.

While heading in that direction, the deputy learned that the white car – which had a South Carolina tag – had turned around and was headed to Highway 80. The deputy spotted the car and pulled it over.

Naturally, the 28-year-old woman didn’t have any ID on her, and a check showed her license had been suspended in 2015. So she was arrested. "While inventorying (the woman’s) vehicle to be towed a glass pipe commonly used to smoke crack or meth was found in a bag that was on the front passenger floor board. After a more thorough search of the bag a black cosmetic case was located inside and upon opening it there was a plastic bag that contained 3 green pills that appeared to be Xanax. There was also another small clear plastic bag … that contained a white substance believed to be meth and after a field test, tested positive for methamphetamine."

To top things off, the woman told the deputy the report "about possible racing was actually a rolling dispute/road rage issue with her boyfriend."

She was taken to jail. Her car was towed. Her boyfriend came to BCSD later to give a statement.

Drugs, suspended license part two: An Ellabell man was arrested Jan. 23 after deputies spotted him driving on Black Creek Church Road and knew he shouldn’t be behind the wheel. The man was driving on a suspended license and had warrants for his arrest from the Savannah-Chatham Police Department as well as police in Pooler and Danielsville.

While he was being searched, police found cocaine. A search of the man’s SUV turned up a backpack with methamphetamine, syringes and other drug paraphernalia.

Matter of record: A deputy met a man at the sheriff’s office Sunday who had this story to tell. The man said he was getting texts from a man he bought an RV from in August – "about him missing an impact wrench as well as he wanted his tire/rim off the RV. (The seller) even sent (the complainant) a text message today, that he was going to come to his residence with a Detective Davis."

The complainant bought the RV for $800 and the seller gave him permission to leave the RV on his lot until he was able to have it towed to his home. Then, "on October 22, (the complainant) received a text message from (the seller) which said the RV was being towed. (The complainant) said (the seller) used his own tire/wheel to attach to the RV for it to be moved. (The complainant) contacted central dispatch and Deputy CPL Squires responded to the IGA where (the complainant) spoke to him about it. (The complainant) was able to present his paperwork for him to obtain the RV. The RV was towed to Shuman’s Pawn Shop in Pembroke where (the complainant) recovered it. (The complainant) said he had received several text messages from (the seller), one stating that the original title, which they both signed, had been null and voided by (the seller) as he had applied for a duplicate copy. (Complainant) presented me his bill of sale as well as the original title. Each were signed. (Complainant also showed me the text message thread between him and (the seller). However, (complainant) did not respond to any of his text messages."

And, he was asking for a report because the seller kept contacting him and claiming he was missing property.

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