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Road rage may have involved handgun
Bryan County Sheriff's blotter

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

Road rage: An Ellabell woman reported July 5 a man in a pickup "seemingly became upset with her driving," passed her on Black Creek Church Road, stopped in front her, and then waved what she thought was a pistol.

"She further stated she had taken pictures because she was worried that the offender might do something to her," the report said, noting the photos, while blurry, showed a license plate and "that the offender was holding out of the window which looked like a gun but I could not say it was a gun with 100 percent certainty."

The reporting deputy ran the tag and got the owner’s name, and both he and a sergeant went to the man’s home. "He stated that he had been cut off by the complainant and that she had been harassing him. He stated that she had been filming him so he pulled his phone out to show her that he could do the same."

The deputy was of the opinion the man flashed a handgun at the woman, and told him he could be arrested for that sort of behavior, if the woman wanted to press charges.

No license: A deputy on patrol Friday on Highway 144 "saw a silver Mazda 3 drive through the center of the traffic circle," a report said, apparently referring to the famed roundabout. Neither the driver nor the passenger had a driver’s license. She was ticketed anyway and the car was towed.

Burglary: The Zip-In at the corner of Highway 144 and Fort McAllister Road was broken into early Sunday morning. Deputies went to the store around 5 a.m. after an alarm went off. They watched store security video that showed two men from a "light colored SUV" and dressed in all black, with face masks and gloves, use a crowbar to break into the store. They stole $976 from a container behind the counter and several packs of Newport cigarettes before driving off.

Damage to property: Saturday, deputies were sent to Black Creek Golf Club because "a red golf cart driven by juveniles drove over the golf course, damaging the 7th green," the report said. "Dispatch advised that the golf cart was last seen heading toward Hendrix Park."

During the investigation, a club member told deputies he was golfing on the 6th green when he "observed a jacked up red golf cart, with mud tires, a white roof, and a rear seat, driving over the 3rd green," the report said. "(He) stated that the golf car was being driven by a white female juvenile; he stated that she appeared to be around 12 years of age."

With her were two boys who "appeared to be between the ages of 8 and 10 years old," and they drove off toward Hendrix Park.

The man said he then found the 7th green had been damaged by the tires. The groundskeeper at Black Creek said it would take about two weeks to "regrow the green properly."

Drugs: A man found Sunday laying on the side of an Ellabell Road near Highway 80 was arrested and taken to jail after deputies found drugs on him and learned he was wanted in Chatham County. The man was shirtless, shoeless and "lying in a mulch bed under a tree at (a Queen’s Way address)."

The man knew his name but didn’t know why he was where he was. A search showed he had a clear plastic sandwich bag in which was meth and drug related objects. The man also had a smart phone, a wallet, a flat wrench, four AAA batteries and $3.38. The guy told Bryan County jailers that he "knew where he came from, knows where he is but he couldn’t understand what happened between the two locations."

Aggravated assault: Deputies responded July 6 to a report of shots fired at a Highway 280 west address.

"Complainant said her fed-ex van had been shot up and she was hiding in the woods and that it was a white male with a small hand gun," the report said.

Deputies went to the mobile home and took the man who answered the door into custody, and detectives were called.

Theft: On Tuesday, a man with an Old Mill Road address went to the sheriff’s office to report his trash can was stolen. The man said "when he returned home to his Bryan County resident … he observed that his blue Waste Management trash can was missing. (He) advised me that he last saw the trash can in January of this year."

The guy was given a case number and told to "seek the assistance of Waste Management to replace the trash receptacle."

Disorderly house: A South Bryan woman was locked up July 5 after deputies were sent to her home regarding a 911 call in which she claimed two white men had pulled a gun on her. Deputies were told the woman had locked herself in the car and the men were on her property. But when they got there they found a man flagging him down on the driveway, and he told him the woman had locked him and another man "inside the residence and turned off the power" because "she is acting up because she just used methamphetamine."

The deputy talked to the woman, who got out of the car and "had visible sores on her arms and legs associated with methamphetamine use. Also, while speaking with (the woman), her speech was very fast and at times she had a hard time explaining herself."

About all the deputy could understand listening to her side of the story was that one of the men had pointed a gun with a wood grip on it at her because she told him to leave. Both men, however, told the deputy they didn’t have any guns other than toy firearms, and the woman said none of them was the one they pointed at her.

That, and "the fact that this officer has been to (the woman’s) residence four times this month, and the fact she was so visibly under the influence …" led to her arrest.

Lost tag: A man went to the BCSO in South Bryan on Friday to report a lost trailer tag.

"He stated he is unaware of the date, time and location of the loss, as the entire bumper of the trailer was missing after use," the report said.

Theft: A deputy was sent June 22 to a Red Bird Lane address regarding a theft. The victim told him someone went to her home and stole cash from her purse and a checkbook while she was sleeping.

The deputy gave the woman a case number and started to go.

"While taking my leave, one of her dogs bit my right leg. The teeth only penetrated my pant leg. I kicked the dog to get it off me and it squealed and ran inside. Nothing follows."

Theft: A deputy was sent to an automotive repair shop in North Bryan on June 22 regarding someone who "had stolen two headlights, battery and radiator cap from a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee that was on his lot for repairs. The complainant stated that the vehicle had been on his lot since (April 20), but he was sure the theft had occurred sometime last night," the report said.

Damage to property: This happened June 22 on I-16.

"Deputies were dispatched to (I-16 west) at the Groover Hill overpass for an orange Volvo semi that hit a deer stand that fell out of a pickup truck."

The owner of the pickup told deputies he was driving west when he "looked into his rear view mirror and saw sparks coming from the rear of his truck," the report said. "The deer stand from in back of his vehicle was not properly secured and broke loose from a bungee cord, landing in the middle of the highway when it was struck (by the semi)."

The semi suffered damage to the front bumper and grill, but apparently was safe to drive.

Theft: A Daniel Defense employee reported June 23 that during what was called "an ATF inventory," two items were founding missing — the lower receiver for an M4 carbine and a complete M4 carbine. The serial numbers were entered into the Georgia Crime Information Center and reported to the ATF.

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