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Richmond Hill police reports
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Jan. 16 – An officer spoke with a complainant regarding an account opened under her husband’s name. The account was through Southeastern Bell and had been sent to collections for the amount of $356.22 ($474 including handling fees). The complainant had records and military orders proving that she and her husband were in the state of Virginia at the time of the incident. The officer spoke with a representative and was given information to give the complainant to assist her in disputing the account and bill. The complainant was provided with a case number and procedures in obtaining a copy of the officer’s report.


Aggravated assault

Jan. 18 – An officer was flagged down by a victim in the parking lot of T/A truck stop in reference to a possible aggravated assault that occurred against him. The victim first stated that he was parked inside of the parking lot waiting to swap trailers with another driver. Then he stated he was still hooked up to the trailer inside of the sleeper of his truck when the offender arrived. The victim stated that at this time the offender banged on the side of his truck and when he rolled down his window the offender became agitated verbally towards him about still being hooked up to the trailer. The victim said while he was unhooking the trailer the offender approached him by running towards him aggressively with an Army knife in his right hand. The victim stated he threw his gloves in the offender’s face to distract him and ran away from the area. When he returned to the truck the offender was gone. Upon investigation the officer spoke with a witness who stated that the offender did not give any verbal warning; just ran at the victim with a knife in his hand. At the time of the report the victim wasn’t sure if wanted to press charges against the offender – he would see what action the trucking company would take first.


Property damage

Jan. 18 – An officer responded to Holiday Inn parking lot in reference to a property damage call. The officer spoke with the victim who explained that as she was traveling south on Ga. 405 she was behind the offender’s vehicle and a piece of debris fell from the trailer and struck her windshield. She said she made contact with the driver and advised him of the damage. The offender was pulling a trailer that contained a large amount of small rocks for landscaping. The load was secured, but not covered. The officer observed a scratch on the driver’s side of the victim’s windshield. Both parties were provided with a CRN for the incident and advised that a report would be available in 3 to 5 business days.


Public drunkenness

Jan. 19 – Officers responded to the T/A truck stop in reference to a fight in progress. They were met by the victim who stated that the aggressor had left from inside the truck stop and was last seen walking towards Sommers Blvd.

The officers searched the area and found the subject laying down in the bushes. When talking with the subject the officers could smell a strong odor of an intoxicating beverage coming from him. He was also very unsteady on his feet. The reporting officer placed the offender under arrest for public intoxication and placed him in the patrol car. In speaking with the victim, he stated that the offender was watching television inside the truckers’ lounge and kept changing the channel and turning the TV off irritating the others trying to watch television. The victim said he walked over to the offender and advised him that he was not a truck driver and that he needed to leave the premises if he had no other business inside the store. The offender became irate, using profane language towards him and other patrons in the store. The victim asked the offender to leave the store at which time the offender kicked him in the stomach and walked away. The victim stated he did not wish to pursue charges against the offender for Simple Battery and signed a denial of prosecution form. The offender was transported to jail without further incident and issued a citation for public drunkenness.


Harassing calls

Jan. 18 – An officer spoke with a complainant in reference to harassing phone calls. He stated he had received three calls pertaining to the location of his adult son, who is in a rehabilitation center recovering from a drug addiction. The complainant is concerned that the calls are being made by possible associates of his son who are also involved in drug use. One of the callers attempted to get information by posing as a detective for Bryan County Sheriff’s department. He identified himself as Det. Rain. The officer stated there are no deputies assigned to BCSO by that name. The officer advised the complainant in the procedures of tracing a phone call and provided him with a case number. The officer also recommended the complainant put his home on the House Check list to detour any additional suspicious acts.


Underage possession of alcohol

Jan. 20 – Officers responded to a Laurel Hill Circle address in reference to an intoxicated person. Upon arrival the officers heard yelling coming from a bedroom in the home. When they entered the bedroom with the owner’s permission they observed a male subject lying on the floor by the bed with a pile of vomit beside him. The officers asked the subject to get up and come into the living room. Once in the living room, the officers could smell a very strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the person. In speaking with the complainant, she stated that her son came home heavily intoxicated and he was being very unruly towards her. While the officers were standing by the suspect he used profanity many times when talking about his mother. The intoxicated person was taken outside and asked to sit in the back of the officer’s patrol car in hopes of calming him down. Once placed in the back of the car, one of the officers observed the suspect hit his head on the window of the patrol car numerous times. The suspect was removed from the patrol car and placed under arrest for under age drinking and transported to the Bryan County jail once the paper work was completed.


Hit and run

Jan. 23 – City officers were dispatched to a hit and run at the BP gas station off of Exit 87. Bryan County EMS was also dispatched to the scene. The complainant stated he was traveling northbound in the right lane of GA 405. Suddenly a white in color Toyota type vehicle hit the rear of the complainant’s vehicle and pushed it off the road. The Toyota continued northbound on the interstate. The officer reported the rear bumper of the complainant’s vehicle was pushed in and the rear driver side taillight lens was broken. The complainant stated the passenger side of the windshield sustained a crack from the impact. The complainant provided his insurance information for the vehicle section of the report. The complainant signed a refusal form for treatment/transport for Bryan County EMS. The passenger stated he did not need EMS either.


Theft by taking

Jan. 23 – An officer was dispatched to Clyde’s Market in Richmond Hill in reference to a report of a theft. The officer spoke with the complainant who suspected an employee. The complainant essentially stated that the store’s paperwork showed a shortage on the suspect’s shift of $695.67. He went on to state that upon investigating the suspect’s paperwork from "cash drops" and the ending total of the register, it appeared that the above listed total was missing. The officer was provided a DVD, burned by the complainant, of the surveillance video. The complainant said when he confronted the suspect at the store about the shortage, the suspect attempted to explain away the missing money by stating he was ringing up a lottery exchange and did not mean to enter a "safe drop". When the complainant told the suspect that due to the amount of missing money, he was going to contact the police department to file a report to sort out the discrepancy, the suspect left the store without notifying the complainant

Information taken from initial incident reports on file at RHPD.

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