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Richmond Hill Police blotter for May 30
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Criminal trespass May 20 – An officer patrolling the interchange at Hwy. 17 and I-95 at approximately 6:20 a.m. noticed something was wrong at the old Burger King. According to Sgt. Luke Harris’ report, “the rear steel door was slightly ajar being held open with a small piece of wood, which this officer knows to be normally secured.” Harris called for backup, then waited until Cpl. Jonathan Zirpolo arrived. Police then cleared the building and learned that the building was entered a “large drive-through window on the south side of the building,” Harris reported, noting that the window had been broken out, then slid open. Laying below the window was a piece of cinder block. No one was found inside and police were uncertain if anything was missing at the time of the report. “There was no way to secure the broken window at the time of the report,” Harris reported. “This officer will attempt to make contact with the property owner this date to have the building secured.”

Matter of record
May 20 –
A Laurel Hill Circle woman called the cops after being approached by a man while in her driveway the night before. The woman told Officer Brian Nessmith that she was unloading her vehicle when “she was approached by a white male in his early 20s wearing a white polo shirt with an unknown logo on it and khaki pants,” the report said. “According to (the complainant) the suspect knew her name (and other personal information) and began asking her questions about her home security system.”
The woman told Nessmith she asked the man to leave and watched him walk south. The officer “advised (complainant) that there was a legitimate security company with a business license going door to door in Richmond Hill. (Complainant) obtained a business card from one of her neighbors and I matched the company and salesman’s name to information in the squad room at the RHPD.”
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