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Richmond Hill Police blotter for May 1
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April 10 – Officers responded to Papa’s Pizza To Go, where a potential customer called to place an order for 1,200 chicken wings for a wedding. The customer called through an interpreter service for the deaf, so there was no actual verbal contact between the business and the caller.
The caller insisted on paying with a credit card, to be charged immediately and to include a $950 tip for the person who would be picking up the order. The order was not to be delivered by Papa’s Pizza. Instead an individual sent by the caller would deliver the food. Believing the order was a scam, the Papa’s employee said the business was not interested in fulfilling the order and ended the call. However, the caller continued calling the business for the next two hours, becoming more aggressive with each call. Officer Paul Carter explained there was little the department could if the call was made from out of state but said he would attempt to call the numbers that came up on the business’ caller ID.
Disorderly conduct

April 14 – Two men and a juvenile from Midway were arrested for disorderly conduct after getting into a public fight over $20 on Constitution Way. The offenders told Sgt. Andrew Watt they were collecting metal in a pick-up truck and saw a man who had taken $20 from them the day before crossing the street on a bike.
According to witnesses, the men and juvenile in the truck approached the other man and the fight ensued. Witnesses also said trash from the truck was thrown at the victim and that he was chased by one man with metal mop handle. The victim did not wish to press charges for the attempted assault, but the men and juvenile were arrested for the disruption caused to the business area, as well as the traffic back up caused on Constitution Way and Linwood Road.

Probation violation
April 17 – A Bryan County man was arrested on a probation violation warrant after getting pulled over for aggressive driving. While following an SUV to check its speed, Capt. John Long observed a Chevy Trailblazer swerve into the SUV’s lane, blocking it from passing.  The SUV slowed, but the driver of the Trailblazer slammed on brakes in front of the SUV. Capt. Long stopped the Trailblazer, and the driver explained he’d been texting his girlfriend while driving. While the vehicle had an active registration and valid insurance, a check on the driver uncovered a warrant from the Bryan County Sheriff’s Department in reference to probation violation.

Theft by taking/disorderly conduct
April 18 – A foot chase near the intersection of Hwys. 17 and 144 led to the arrest of a Savannah man who’d been shoplifting from CVS Pharmacy. While patrolling, Sgt. Eric Gaustad observed a fight in progress in the CVS parking lot. When he turned his vehicle around, the sergeant allegedly saw one of the two men fighting remove items from his clothing and throw them into the bushes. The man began running north, and the officer followed him – by vehicle – into the Walgreen’s parking lot. There, Sgt. Gaustad left his vehicle and proceeded to chase the man east across Hwy. 17 into the Coastal Care Center parking lot, through a wooded area behind the business and north toward the Mulberry subdivision. The chase finally ended behind Clyde’s Market, where Sgt. Gaustad was able to handcuff the man without further incident. Upon returning to CVS, officers learned that the other man in the fight was the store manager, who had witnessed the suspect conceal goods and leave the store without paying. The manager called 911 to report the incident and said the man became violent when approached as he was trying to leave the store. The man was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, obstructing/hindering a law officer and theft by taking.

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