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Richmond Hill Police blotter for Aug. 30
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

Matter of record
Aug. 20 –
Cpl. Jonathan Zirpolo was dispatched to an Osprey Drive address regarding an incident that happened around 4:30 p.m. Once there, he met with a woman who said a neighbor’s cat had come into her yard “and got into an altercation with her dog.”
Neither pet was injured, but the woman said she went next door  to let the cat owner know about the incident and was met in the front yard by a woman “who attempted to start an altercation by ‘chest-butting’ her.”
According to the report, Zirpolo “was then informed that ‘chest-butting’ is the aggressive thrusting of one’s chest onto another’s chest area with the intention of provoking a bout of fisticuffs.”
The complainant didn’t appear to have been in a fight and didn’t know the name of the woman who “chest-bumped” her, but gave a first initial and said the woman had arrested in June. The woman said she wanted a report on the incident but didn’t want to press charges. Zirpolo reported he would try to get the other woman’s side of the story.
This gets more interesting. See next incident.

Aug. 24 –
Officer Robert Linton reported he was leaving the police department around 6 p.m. when he “observed multiple pieces of paper litter on the ground,” he report said.
“The litter was scattered from the Courthouse steps extending into the parking lot and Richard Davis Drive.”
Linton picked up the paper, which “appeared to be probation papers and license suspension notice that had been ripped up and obviously discarded.” He also noted a witness had spotted a angry young woman “had just torn up the papers and thrown them on the ground.”
They also had a name on them. And here the plot apparently thickens: Linton was dispatched to an Osprey Drive address regarding “a verbal altercation between two females. One of the females left prior to officer’s arrival and was subsequently located at (a Casey Drive address).”
After Linton received the woman’s statement regarding the “verbal altercation,” he told her he had found her papers, “advised her of their importance,” and cited her for littering.
And in case it hasn’t been made clear yet, the woman who allegedly tore up her court papers and threw them on the ground is reportedly the same person who allegedly “chest-bumped” a woman a few days earlier. There appears to be no connection between the two incidents.

Marijuana possession
Aug. 22 –
Cpl. Donnie Crosby was patrolling  I-95 around 1:35 a.m. when he reportedly clocked a car going north about 86 mph. Long story short, in addition to speeding, the New Jersey man was allegedly caught with a small amount of marijuana and didn’t have a tag light. He was arrested but later posted bond.

Public drunkenness
Aug. 18 –
Around 10 p.m. Officer Robert Linton reportedly responded to Hwy. 17 around Blocker’s Barber Shop regarding “a female passed out on the roadway.”
“Upon my arrival, along with Sgt. (Andrew) Watt, I made contact with the female who was laying face down approximately 4 feet from Ga. 25 (Hwy. 17) South.”
The woman, who reportedly smelled strongly of alcohol and had superficial injuries, refused medical attention and wouldn’t submit to a breath test. “(Due to (the woman’s) admittance to consuming alcohol this evening and her intoxicated, belligerent behavior she was placed under arrest for public drunkenness,” the report said.
She was taken to jail where, she “continued her belligerent behavior and profane language while … refusing to sign for her property or the city ordinance citation.”

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