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RHPD blotters for Dec. 4-13
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The following information was taken from reports from the Richmond Hill Police Department:


Dec. 13

Matter of record — An RHPD officer responded to a complaint of an unknown item under a vehicle on Cypress Lane.The complainant said her home surveillance recorded a juvenile neighbor putting the item under her car. The video showed the juvenile put a black bag under the vehicle in the driveway, then return shortly after to put the bag under the front-passenger tire.

The officer got the bag, which was filled with dog feces. The officer made contact with the juvenile and his mother, with the mother stating she would handle the situation. The juvenile was advised he was no longer allowed on the complainant’s property at the complainant’s request.


Possession of marijuana, less than 1 ounce — An RHPD officer on Highway 405 clocked a black Nissan Altima with Florida tags going 89 mph. After a traffic stop was initiated, the driver said he was sorry for speeding and blamed it on being excited about a song that was playing on his radio.

During that time, the officer noticed a marijuana odor coming from the passenger compartment. The driver gave permission for the vehicle to be searched, which led to the officer finding a small camouflage bag containing a cigarillos package. The package contained three hand-rolled cigarettes holding marijuana.

The driver, who said he was on his way to live in New York, was arrested, issued citations for marijuana possession and speeding, and released to appear. The total marijuana amount recovered weighed 3 grams.


Dec. 11

Matter of record — A complainant told an RHPD officer that she and her dog were attacked by a pit bull.

The complainant said she was walking her dog near an address on Bee Keeper Court when the pit bull attacked them. She said the pit bull bit her shoe, which made the sole come off in two spots. A nearby resident called the dog’s name, after which the animal went back to its yard. A female arrived shortly after to secure the pit bull.

The officer made contact with a female who was taking care of the dog while its owner, her sister, was incarcerated. She said the pit bull digs out through the fence, and she didn’t want to be held responsible if the dog hurts someone. The officer advised calling Animal Control to discuss options.


Theft by shoplifting — An RHPD officer responded to a complaint of shoplifting at Dollar General.

The complainant said she saw a pregnant female with tattoos and a male who were aged in their 20s to 30s take some items. Two of the items allegedly taken were hair dye and hair spray, with a cumulative value of $13.75. The complainant said she got the vehicle tag of the suspects, who had left the premises.

The officer watched video of the incident, which showed the female placing a bottle in her purse. The tag was for a Honda Accord, with the owner’s driver’s license picture resembling the male in the video.


Theft by bringing stolen property into the state — A man at the Hampton Inn contacted RHPD in regards to a possible stolen vehicle.

The complainant, who was from North Carolina, was staying at the hotel for a wedding. He said he saw a Facebook post by a friend’s wife stating that her pickup had been stolen. The complainant said he noticed a similar vehicle, a white Ford F-350 Super Duty, in the hotel parking lot. He checked the pickup’s vehicle-identification number with the VIN given in the Facebook post. The numbers matched, and the complainant called the police.

The VIN was for a vehicle reported stolen out of South Carolina by the North Charleston Police Department. The NCPD wanted the vehicle towed to a local tow yard.

The hotel did not have security cameras facing the direction in which the vehicle was parked, nor did it have any guests check in claiming that vehicle. No one at the hotel was aware the vehicle was parked in the lot.


Dec. 10

Matter of record — A vehicle fire behind a church drew an RHPD officer to a Carter Street address.

When the officer arrived, there were two pickups, with the older pickup, an F100, in flames. The other pickup, a black Ford F250, was stuck in mud up to its front bumper. The complainant said he was test-driving the older pickup when it started on fire. Another male attempted to use his F250 to pull the other pickup to a residence on Carter Street, but got stuck in the mud.

The Richmond Hill Fire Department arrived and began extinguished the flames. The complainant said he had a friend coming to remove the F250 from the mud.


Dec. 9

Theft by taking — A complainant met an RHPD officer at the high school regarding the alleged theft of a flute.

The complainant said her daughter kept the flute in an instrument closet in the band room while not in class, but the flute was gone when she went to retrieve it the previous week. She told the band director the instrument was missing, and the director made several announcements about it, but the flute still hadn’t been returned.

The officer spoke with several band students, but none of them had seen or heard anything regarding the missing flute.


Dec. 6

Mailboxes/mail, damage/destroy, misdemeanor — An RHPD officer met a complainant on Taylor Court to discuss a damaged mailbox.

The complainant said that at about 6 p.m. Dec. 5, the mailbox was untouched when he arrived at the residence. The next morning about 9, however, he noticed the mailbox was on the ground. He said he didn’t have any issues with neighbors and couldn’t name a possible suspect. He also said there was no surveillance equipment around. The complainant said the mailbox has an approximate value of $200.

While the officer was on the scene, a neighbor said she arrived at her residence at about 7:50 p.m. Dec. 5 and saw a dark grey or silver Ford Explorer nearby. She was traveling west to east, stopped in the roadway and had her turn signal on, but the Explorer, which was going east to west, remained in position, then speeded past her and stopped at the end of the street. She pulled onto her driveway and quickly got inside her residence. She was unable to provide further description of the vehicle or its driver.


Dec. 4

Possession of a controlled substance — An RHPD officer initiated a traffic stop of a blue Volkswagen Golf going north on Highway 405 after the vehicle was clocked going 92 mph. The car had two occupants, a male driver and female passenger, with the male possessing a New Jersey driver’s license. The vehicle was in disarray, and the driver had burn marks on his clothing.

A check of the driver through the Georgia Crime Information Center showed several active warrants and a warning of “use caution.” The warrants were for drug charges and resisting arrest. Another police unit was requested and arrived.

The driver and the passenger, who also had active warrants, were told to step out of the vehicle. The driver said they had been in rehab. A consented search of the vehicle produced two used syringes and a small baggie with white powder in a makeup/medicine box in the trunk. The female said the powder, which weighed about 0.5 grams, was cocaine, and she claimed ownership. She was charged with possession of a controlled substance and transported to the Bryan County Jail.

Because no agencies wished to extradite the subjects on their warrants, the driver was cited for speeding and released from the scene.

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