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Renters allegedly steal jewelry for train tickets
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Seafood Festival reports

Oct. 20 – A U.S. Uniformed Services ID card with a Hinesville address was found by a citizen during the festival and turned over to an officer. A failed attempt to reach the owner of the card was made, and the card was sealed in an evidence bag and dropped into the property locker at the RHPD.

Oct. 20 – An officer turned in a golf ring with a small stone in the top. The ring was found in the park during the festival by a citizen and turned over; it is unknown who the ring belongs to and the ring was placed in the RHPD property locker for safekeeping.

Oct. 21 – A woman went down to the RHPD to report her missing ring. She said she last saw her ring in the restroom at the park, and thought she could have lost it while washing her hands. A re-visit to the restroom did not find the ring, described as white gold with a ring guard, pearl center stone and small diamonds surrounding the pearl, estimated at $1,500. The woman was given a case number.

Oct. 21 – An officer was called out to the Ford Plaza to assist a county deputy, who had a suspect who had crossed Ford Avenue without following the traffic control personnel. When the suspect was told to cross the road correctly, he allegedly became verbally combative with the traffic control personnel. The deputy intervened and told the man to take his wife and go home; again the man refused.

"He continued his public rampage and (the deputy) stepped toward him to detain him. The suspect pushed (the deputy) and began to resist arrest," so the officer assisted, the report said.

Witnesses in the area provided written statements. The deputy sustained an injury to his knee and torn uniform pants. The man was cited with disorderly conduct and taken to jail.


Theft by taking

Oct. 16 – A T/A employee said there was $2,305 missing from six different games in the T/A Travel Center game room. The man said the machines were under his watch, and on this date, he was withdrawing the cash from them.

He said there is a computer system with an internal counter that logs the amount of cash that each game takes in. The man said he was the only one with access to the games' cash drawers, but the games with missing money are all unlocked by the same key. The supervisor was notified, and the machines showed no visible signs of forced entry. There were no witnesses and no video surveillance.


Matter of record

Oct. 17 – First Carolina Mortgage Company reported fraud for a Taylor Court resident who said she had been receiving collection notices from her Sears/Master Card saying she was behind on her account for more than $6,000. The woman said she had closed the account in 2004, but after researching the history, discovered her husband had reopened the account in 2006, shortly before their divorce. The woman said she is in the process of resolving the issue, but needed to document the incident for a collections agency. The officer referred the woman to her attorney for further assistance and gave her a case number.



Oct. 16 – A Casey Drive apartment resident made a stalking report in regard to her husband, whom she is in the process of getting divorced from. According to her legal divorce documents, the man is not allowed to contact her at work, home, or have any contact with his soon-to-be ex-wife of any kind. The woman said on this date, she was sitting on her back porch when she saw the man’s truck pull into the apartments, turn around, and exit. She said she was in fear for her life because of the history of domestic violence, the report said. She also said he had approached her at work and home on several occasions.

Based on the information, the officer said he couldn’t arrest the man, but the woman said she only wanted the incident reported.


Theft by taking

Oct. 21 – A woman said two of her former tenants stole jewelry from her. She said she had taken in roommates earlier this year for a short period of time, and then moved out, leasing the residence to the two people. The woman said the couple had left the state to move to Colorado sometime in August, and after looking through some of her property that had remained on the property, the woman discovered three pieces of jewelry missing. She reported a gold band, a half to three-quarters of a karat diamond anniversary band and a marquis cut sapphire ring missing. The woman said the couple had been having financial difficulties and hadn’t been working before they left; she thought they had taken the jewelry to pawn for bus tickets to Colorado.


DUI, more

Oct. 19 - A cab driver called to report a man who jumped out of his cab, and then into his personal vehicle. The responding officer was already familiar with the alleged suspect, having had prior interaction at the Juke Box Bar, where the man reportedly could not remember where he lived.

He refused to take a sobriety test, became disorderly and was arrested.


From RHPD reports.

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