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Reckless driver offers honest excuse
Crime reports
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The following incidents were taken from Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

Reckless driving — An officer was driving on Highway 17 shortly before 2 a.m. Jan 5 when he clocked a Mustang going 72 mph in a 55-mph zone. The officer kept his radar pointed at it and “the Mustang’s speed rapidly increased to 86 mph,” the incident report said.
“As that vehicle passed mine, I could hear the driver continually accelerate,” the officer reported. “I conducted a U-turn and proceeded after that vehicle when I reached the area of Mulberry Commercial (Drive).”
As the incident unfolded, the driver crossed the Ogeechee River and apparently tried to lay low at the boat landing on the Chatham County side of the river. It didn’t work.
“I observed that the driver … had turned off his headlights and maneuvered his vehicle into the entrance to Kings Ferry Park. The driver brought his vehicle to a stop in the grassy area near the entrance. It was unknown if he meant to park the vehicle in that location or due to not having his lights on that he lost where the road was and ended up in the grass area.”
So, the officer approached the driver “asking him what was going on.”
The driver’s response?
“‘I was just trying to show my (bleep) for my friend,’” referring to the passenger in the vehicle.
The driver had a gun, but a check with the Georgia Crime Information Center showed it was clean. His Florida license was valid and his car was insured, according to GCIC.
“At this point I returned to (the driver) and again asked him why he was driving at such a high rate of speed. He stated to me again that he was just showing his (bleep), he had planned to come to Kings Ferry and conduct a few donuts before I came up behind him.”
The man was charged with reckless driving, arrested and taken to RHPD, where he was able to post bond. He was given a March court date.

Matter of record — An officer was sent to a home to meet with a couple concerned about their grandson.
The grandfather told the officer his grandson “asked him to take him to Home Depot to buy a scale that he could use to weigh ‘really lite things,’” the report said. “They also advised that they observed where he appeared to be making attempts to fashion a ‘bong’ out of a candy container that he’d received for Christmas.”
What’s more, the grandson had recently visited an Internet site with instructions on how to make a bong and the grandmother told the officer he “came to her this morning and asked for $20 in order to ‘purchase some extra lunch,’” the report said, noting the grandson took the money after his grandmother told him she didn’t have it.

Matter of record — An officer was sent to an apartment complex around 11:30 p.m. Jan. 10 regarding a fight near one of the buildings. “Upon arriving, I observed a group of people near the (building) and they were exchanging words amongst themselves as if they were arguing,” the report said.
The officer broke up the argument, which reportedly also included at least one punch being thrown, and began trying to find out what had caused the scuffle. He got a number of conflicting statements regarding a dispute over “overdue charges for a late Redbox movie,” the report said.
The officer told the women involved in the dispute to stay away from on another and case numbers were given to several of those involved, each of whom was listed as both an offender and victim.

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