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Pot found during three traffic stops
Recent crime reports
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office and Richmond Hill Police Department incident reports:

Oct. 18

Property damage — A clerk at Chu’s on Highway 17 in Richmond Hill reported that a man left the scene after damaging one of the convenience store’s safety poles.

The man dented and bent a pole that protects one of the gas pumps when he hit it with his pickup, according to the clerk. The man had an out-of-state license plate, but the clerk was unable to get the tag number, state or any information on the driver.

The driver tried to bend the pole back onto shape but was unable to fix it, the report states. The clerk asked the man to stay at the store for a report, but he left before an RHPD officer arrived.

Oct. 16

DUI — A Fleming man was charged with driving under the influence despite reportedly declaring to the arresting officer, “I ain’t drunk by a long shot.”

The man was pulled over for driving 70 mph in a 55-mph zone on Highway 17, according to the report. He smelled of alcohol, had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech, and said his last drink had been just a few minutes prior to the traffic stop, the report states.

The driver had difficulty following directions for field sobriety tests and couldn’t keep his balance for the walk-and-turn test. He reportedly repeated several times, “You asked me to walk the line, I’ll walk the line,” when the officer asked the man to take a breath test.

Dog theft — A Richmond Hill woman reported that her dog was put to sleep after someone took the animal from her house on Miner Drive.

The woman said her 14-year-old beagle was inside her enclosed back porch when she left for work, according to the report. An unknown person found the dog in the Cartertown Road area about 6½ hours later and took it to Cedar Animal Hospital, reportedly in hopes that the dog was microchipped.

The dog was diagnosed with Lyme disease and was euthanized because it could not be around healthy dogs at the animal shelter, the report states. The woman told police she understood that the dog was sick and didn’t have much longer to live, but she was upset that someone apparently took the beagle from her porch and left it in a remote area.

Oct. 15

DUI, marijuana possession — A Richmond Hill man was arrested for driving under the influence, and his passenger was charged with marijuana possession following a traffic stop for speeding and weaving on Interstate 95.

The driver tested positive for alcohol on a breath test, according to the report. Also, an RHPD officer reportedly found suspected marijuana in a prescription pill bottle in the glove compartment and a smoking device containing burnt marijuana in the driver’s-side door compartment.

The passenger, a Hortense man, claimed the marijuana was his. The driver admitted to having smoked marijuana along with having drunk alcohol, the report states.

Oct. 13

Marijuana possession — A Richmond Hill man and a Savannah man were arrested for marijuana possession following a traffic stop on Cutt Off Way.

The driver, the Savannah man, was pulled over by an RHPD officer for turning without signaling and making a wide turn onto the wrong side of the road, the report states. A cup containing 18 burnt marijuana cigarettes was in plain view in the center console, according to the officer.

The passenger followed instructions to put his hands on the dashboard, but then reportedly moved his hands toward his waist. He was trying to hide a plastic bag of 15 grams of marijuana that the passenger said the driver had just bought at a home in the Sterling Creek subdivision, according to the report.

Oct. 11

Marijuana possession, suspended license — A driver and his passenger both were charged with possession of marijuana following a traffic stop for speeding on Interstate 95.

The driver had a suspended driver’s license and no proof of insurance, according to the report. The driver said the car belongs to his cousin and he was driving only because the other man in the car had become tired.

An RHPD officer searched the car and found 2.5 grams of suspected marijuana in the trunk, the report states. The two men, from Orlando, Florida, each denied the marijuana was theirs, so both were charged with possession of it.

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