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Police told its lunch time by man who allegedly shoplifts steaks, wine
Richmond Hill Police Department reports
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DUI, Open Container and Being a Wanted Person

April 11 – An officer, while patrolling I-95, noticed a car traveling at what looked like a high rate of speed and after activating his radar noticed the car was traveling 93 m.p.h. in a 70 m.p.h. zone. The officer pulled the car over and while talking with the driver noticed a strong smell of alcohol. He also noticed two empty beer cans in the passenger-side floorboard.

The driver gave the officer her license, insurance cards, car registration and various other papers not requested by the officer and the officer noticed her eyes were glassy and bloodshot. The officer also noticed that when the driver spoke directly to him he could smell the odor of alcohol more strongly; he also noted her speech was slurred.

The driver told the officer she didn’t know where she was and was asked to step out of her vehicle, after which she tried to hide one empty beer can and proceeded to dump the contents of the other onto the floorboard. She then tried to hand one of the cans to the officer and shoved the other one under the seat.

The officer asked the lady to submit to a breathalyzer and she did so, telling the officer she had only drunk one beer. She blew a .128 and was arrested for DUI, speeding and open container. She was taken to the Richmond Hill Police Department for processing A check of the woman’s criminal history showed her license had been revoked and that she has an outstanding warrant in Florida related to a hit-and-run accident. She was taken to the Bryan County Jail.



April 12 – An officer was called to a residence in the Sterling Creek area in reference to a stolen trashcan. The complainant told the officer that the day before she had put her city-issued trashcan at the road for regular trash pick-up. She said the trashcan was full of trash and scrap wood and that the contents kept the lid from closing all the way. The woman said she called police the next morning when she discovered her trashcan was no longer at the end of her driveway. She said she looked for the trashcan and was not able to find it. The officer searched the neighborhood but didn’t locate the missing trashcan.


Simple Battery

April 14 – A woman came into the Richmond Hill Police Department to report an incident of simple assault. The woman told an officer she had been assaulted inside a local bar and that she has already contacted the owner of the establishment to see if the incident was caught on a surveillance tape.

The woman told the officer the person who allegedly assaulted her grabbed her arm and then proceeded to choke her. The officer noted the woman did not have any marks on her consistent with her story, and she was not able to provide any additional information about the man she said grabbed and choked her. The woman told the officer she would contact him if the incident was caught on tape. She told the officer she just wanted to have the incident on file with the police department.



April 14 – An officer was called to Kroger in response to a person trying to shoplift from the store. When the officer arrived the suspect was in the manager’s office and when the officer asked the man why he tried to steal the items he said, "it’s lunch time."

The man told the officer that he had never been in any trouble with the law before but that lately he had been in financial trouble.

The store manager told the officer an employee had seen the man leave the store with a basket of items that he didn’t pay for. The employee said he had seen the man leave the store with the items and that he approached the man near his truck and asked that he come back into the store regarding shoplifting. The man came back inside without protesting.

The manager said he wanted to press charges and wanted to have the man banned from the store.

The man was given a criminal trespass warning and was issued a city ordinance violation ticket for shoplifting. The man was escorted out of the store.

All of the items taken, including steaks, strawberries and two bottles of wine, were returned to the store’s manager undamaged.


Information taken from reports on file at the Richmond Hill Police Department.

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