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Police reports: Man calls cops on bar for cutting him off

From Richmond Hill Police Department reports.

Feb. 22

A man evidently dialed 911 around 2:19 a.m. Sunday because a bar stopped serving him.

According to the police report, officers “responded to the Juke Box… in reference to a person calling 911 stating they needed police right now at the Juke Box.”

Once police arrived at the bar on Highway 17, the reporting officer spoke with management and they were “unaware of the reason of our presence.”

The officer checked with dispatch and got the name of the complainant, and his location.

“Dispatch stated he was walking towards Denny’s. When Dispatch gave me the name of the suspect… Juke Box Management noticed the name and stated he was in the bar a few minutes earlier and was intoxicated,” the report said. “Management also notified me that (the caller) cussed them out before he left the Juke Box. Management did not know the reason why (the caller) would call authorities.”

The officer then drove to Denny’s to speak with the complainant.

“”I asked (him) why he called 911. (He) began to yell that I need to go over the Juke Box and knock on the door,” the officer reported. “I asked (him) for what reason. (His) speech was slurred and he seemed to have a difficult time walking, he could not stand still.”

Then, the man, who continued yelling, said “The Juke Box would not serve him any alcoholic beverages and I needed to go knock on the door and speak to them,” the report said. “I advised (the man) I just came from there and I would not be going back to the Juke Box. “

At the point, the man “still yelling stated he would just go over to the Juke Box and handle it,” the report said, noting the man “kept walking towards Denny’s and yelling back towards me.”

The man, who was arrested for public drunkenness, was carrying both a pocket knife and a bullet. Both were confiscated for safekeeping “until he could retain possession of the items,” the report ended.



Feb. 23

Around 1:17 a.m., an officer was sent to the I-95 southbound ramp at Highway 17 “in reference to a vehicle in a ditch with a woman standing outside of it.”

Once there, the officer met with the car owner, who said “she was trying to get on to I-95 northbound and realized that she had gotten on the southbound on ramp instead. (The woman) statedthat she attempted to back up so she could turn around, but while she was backing she backed up into the ditch and her vehicle feel too far to be driven out on its own.

A wrecker was called and pulled the woman’s car to safety. She paid the wrecker and ‘she was able to drive off without further incident,” the report said.

Feb. 21

A woman went to RHPD to report a scam so others wouldn’t make the same mistake, she told police.

The woman said she saw a post on “regarding rental of the residence located at (a Live Oak Plantation address),” the report said, noting the woman said she then spoke by phone with a man whose name she gave to police.

“She coordinated making a security deposit ($900) on the residence via Western Union to (a Utah) man,” the report continued. “(She) made the Western Union payment from (a Savannah Kroger) and it was received in Utah by an unknown individual utilizing the security code (she) texted to a number provided by (the man she spoke to on the phone).”

The officer explained RHPD didn’t have jurisdiction, but documented the incident. The woman said the phone number of the man she spoke to was no longer in service and she “further indicated she has not been able to re-establish contact with (the man) at his email,



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