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Pitbull allegedly attacks neighbor's dog
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Jan. 29 – A domestic dispute was called in from Ashton Apartments, with the alleged offender having already taken off. The complainant said her husband had hit her in the mouth and slapped her across the face. The woman said her husband has been on leave from Iraq for a few weeks and was slated to return on Feb. 4 to finish his tour.

She said he had previously assaulted her four times but she has never pressed charges. Hinesville police reportedly had to be called the week before, while they were at a friend’s house, after the offender allegedly beat her, but no charges were pressed. She said because her husband is in the Army, she is unsure whether or not she wants to press charges because she doesn’t want to get him in trouble.

The report noted the woman had a swollen upper lip, which she said was a result of being hit in the mouth. She was told about warrant procedures if she changed her mind about charges. She said the incident on the report date also took place in front of their 2-year-old daughter. The husband could not be found during a search of the area. Police remained with the woman until she left to go to work with her daughter.

Disorderly conduct

Jan. 28 – A man was arrested after allegedly driving erratically on Hwy. 17. The man pulled into the El Cheapo, where the officer approached him. The man said he didn’t have his license with him, so he was put in the back of the patrol car while the officer investigated. A run on the man’s name came back saying the man was unlicensed, suspended for failure to pay child support and two charges of failure to appear in court and was wanted in Chatham County.

The officer told the man he was under arrest for driving without a license and was wanted in Chatham. When the officer checked the man’s car, he allegedly found cans of Bud Light and Miller High Life on the back seat floorboard. The officer removed the alcohol containers, which he said were almost full and still very cold.

About the same time, the officer said the man became highly agitated, thrashing around in the backseat of the patrol car, kicking and throwing punches. Another officer arrived on the scene and tried to talk to the man, who only became more agitated.

He reportedly called the officers some very "uncomplimentary names," and "expressed his displeasure with us by stating in no uncertain terms that if we were manly enough to take off our badges, he would forcibly place his foot against a certain part of our anatomy," the reporting officer said. The man was handcuffed and taken to jail.

Animal complaint

Feb. 3 – A complaint was called in when a pitbull reportedly began attacking another neighborhood dog on Alexander Way. When police arrived, there was a group of people yelling the dog was inside their home, attacking their dog.

Inside, a black pitbull was reportedly attacking a small brown dog. The pitbull wouldn’t release the smaller dog, so police tasered it. The pitbull let go of the other dog and took off.

Animal Control was called and the owner of the attacked dog told police where the pitbull had come from. They tried to find the pitbull’s owner but said no one appeared to be home. The injured dog was taken to Cedar Animal Hospital for treatment of deep bite wounds on its rear legs. The report said the police would be attempting to contact the owner again, with charges pending.

Matter of record

Jan. 31 – A woman had made a prior complaint about an internet company that hired her to cash money orders. She recently turned over the alleged fraudulent checks to the police and was contacted by the company on the date of the report. She said she received a threatening instant message from the people she was working the scam for, which said he was having fun playing games with her, knew her address and was going to send people to shoot her in the head. She wanted the message documented.

Cruelty to animals

Feb. 2 – A woman called to complain her neighbor’s pitbull had broken loose and was running through the area. She said her dog had been attacked by the dog.

When police arrived, no one answered the door at the pitbull’s alleged residence. They noted there was a white pitbull that was still contained in the fenced in area. The complainant said the homeowner is rarely at the residence because he lives somewhere else and only comes to this home on occasion.

The woman said the dogs are left chained up in a fenced in area and are not taken care of day to day. When the officer encountered the loose pitbull, he noted the dog had wounds on its face and body, as did the white pitbull, possibly as a result of altercations between the two pitbulls while they are chained in the fenced in area. The report said the dogs "did not appear to be in very healthy condition."

Animal control was notified due to the aggressive nature of the brown pitbull toward other dogs and both pitbulls were taken from the residence. The white pitbull required treatment from Cedar Animal Hospital for its wounds.

Matter of record

Jan. 31 – Police were dispatched in response to a possibly suicidal and intoxicated man. The man said he was an alcoholic who had relapsed and was in need of help. The reporting officer noted the man appeared highly intoxicated and had erratic speech and behavior. During conversation with police, the man reportedly said "If I had one of your guns, we wouldn’t have to be worrying about this problem right now." The man reportedly agreed to be taken to Memorial Health for an evaluation.

Theft by taking

Jan. 22 – A Casey Drive apartment resident called to report that her grandson had stolen a ring from her jewelry box. She said she knew the ring was there on Jan. 22 and had confronted her grandson about it, who refused to tell her where it was. She said the boy’s mother was informed about the incident and she called to find out what was going on. The boy told her he had the ring in his possession and would return it when he got home.

The complainant said her grandson returned home early in the morning, he quickly left again. She said the boy told her he pawned the ring and after she called the local pawn shops, Richmond Hill Pawn Shop said they had it. She said she wanted to press charges and was told about warrant procedures.


From RHPD reports.

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