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Party leads to fight, but no injuries, no arrests
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Leaving the Scene of an Accident

May 14 – An officer responded to an accident on Highway 17 where the suspect had left the scene. The suspected vehicle was described and told to have had front-end damage. About 45 minutes later an officer located a vehicle matching the description of the car that looked like it had been involved in a wreck.

The driver of the car told the officer she had been involved in an accident, was read her Miranda warning and gave a written statement, admitting to have been involved in the accident and leaving the scene. The woman was charged with hit-and-run and failing to yield after stopping at a stop sign. She was not able to post bond and was taken to the Bryan County Jail.


Entering Motor Vehicle with Intent to Commit Theft of Felony

May 14 – An officer responded to the area of Plantation Apartments and spoke with a man who said he looked out the window of his home and saw two men at his car, with one man in the car and another one standing outside the car looking around.

The man said when he approached the two men the one inside the car told him "I had some of this change with me already" and then both of them ran off.

As the officer was talking with the man a green car drove by very slowly and then sped off. The man told the officer he had seen that same car parked next to his earlier in the day.

The officer sent a call to other officers in the area regarding the car and the direction it was heading. Another officer observed the car and pulled it over after the driver committed a traffic violation.

The other officer brought the complainant to the location of the traffic stop to see if he could identify the suspects and he said the two men were the ones who had broken in to his car. The two men were arrested and taken to the Richmond Hill Police Department. One of the suspects, a juvenile, was released to his mother. The other was taken to the Bryan County Jail for entering auto and other charges. The adult who was arrested said he was the one who initiated entering the car, saying "it was all me."


Disorderly Conduct

May 15 – A woman living in the Longwood Drive area called police regarding a domestic dispute, telling the officer she had been arguing with her husband all night. She said she had gone out to eat with her sister and had a few drinks, and then drove home.

While the officer was speaking with the couple the woman became agitated because the officer had not yet arrested her husband. She became argumentative and refused to answer any more of the officer’s questions. She then began walking out of the home, telling the officer she wanted to go to jail. The woman was arrested for disorderly conduct.

The woman’s husband admitted to breaking the television in the home, but said he did it before his wife returned home. Both the man and the woman admitted to arguing, but said there was no physical contact made.

The woman was then taken to the Bryan County Jail.


Simple Battery

May 17 – A woman came into the police department and spoke with an officer, telling him that she and her husband had been fighting after he lied to her again about his mistress. She said her husband told her she needed to leave the house before he killed her. She said the next thing she knew her husband had grabbed her by the wrist and dug his fingernails into her skin and used his other hand to grab her by the neck and slam her into the wall. The officer noted marks present on the woman’s wrist but no marks on her neck.

The husband let go, and the woman told him she was going to file a police report about the incident. He then grabbed some of his belongings and left the area.

The woman told the officer she was already in the process of filing for divorce. She was advised of ways to deal with the situation.



May 19 – Officers were dispatched to the Rice Gate Drive area in reference to a possible fight in the middle of the street. As the officers arrived they saw two groups already separated in the middle of the street. An officer spoke with one group and asked what happened. Several of those in the group said some friends were having an engagement party when two guests got into a minor fight. One of the men in the group was involved in the fight, though he didn’t have any visible injuries and said he didn’t need to be checked out by EMS.

The officer then spoke with the second group and asked then what had happened; they gave the same response as the first group.

The man in the second group that had been in the fight was not injured. The officer spoke with a neighbor who witnessed the fight but since neither party involved in the altercation did not want to press charges both left the scene in separate vehicles without further incident.



May 19 – A woman called police regarding a suspicious man in her neighborhood. She said the man rang her doorbell and then walked away, only to come back and try to reach for her mailbox, at which time she confronted him. The man told the woman he was looking for a place to live.

When the officer arrived he introduced himself to the man, who was sweating profusely, stuttering and visibly shaking. The man told the officer he had hidden from the neighbor because he didn’t want her to see him because that was how he was trained.

The man was given ample time to explain to the officer his presence and actions to the satisfactory of the neighbors and the officer. In the man’s pockets were drawings of the neighborhood and personal information regarding those living in the area.

The man was arrested and taken to the Bryan County Jail, charged with loitering/prowling and released on bond.


Information taken from reports on file at the Richmond Hill Police Department.

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