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Officers asked to remove squatter
Recent crime reports

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office and Richmond Hill Police Department incident reports:

Sept. 30

Trespassing — A Richmond Hill man reported that a car parked at his home had been covered with plastic wrap containing feces.

The car belongs to another man who lives at the house on Steele Wood Drive, he said. The car did not appear to be damaged after the man removed the cling wrap, according to the report, and he asked the BCSO for additional patrols of the area.

Altercation — A Richmond Hill man alleged that another man threatened him with a shotgun during an argument on Daniel Siding Road.

The accused man told BCSO deputies that he had not pulled a gun on the man, adding that the man becomes combative anytime he drinks alcohol. Both men appeared heavily intoxicated, according to the report.

The accuser later called 911 a second time and was belligerent over the phone, the report states. He retrieved some of his belongings from the other man’s home on Daniel Siding Road and stayed at his sister’s house for the night.

Sept. 28
Threats — An Ellabell woman reported that another woman threatened her through social media.

The accuser said the other woman commented on Facebook that she would “beat her (expletive)” and “throw her off a bridge,” according to the report. A second woman made the same “beat her (expletive)” threat online, she alleged.

A BCSO deputy told the woman to cease her Facebook contact and all communication with the other two women. She asked for a protective order and was told the procedures to obtain one.

Sept. 27
DUI — A Richmond Hill man was charged with driving under the influence after an RHPD officer stopped him for weaving out of his lane three times on Highway 17.

The man had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and a strong odor of alcohol, according to the report. He was unsteady when he stepped out of the car and one of his shoes was untied, the report states.

The man couldn’t keep his balance on a field sobriety test and reportedly told the officer, “Go ahead and arrest me.” His blood alcohol content registered 0.194 percent and 0.190 percent on two breath tests, well above the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

Sept. 26

Shots fired — Two people believed gunshots were fired at them while they were fishing on Lake Lorraine in Ellabell.

Over the course of two days, they heard what they thought were shotgun blasts and saw water splashing near their boat from what they assumed were high-speed impacts, according to the report. At one point, a man who lives in the area allegedly told them they couldn’t fish near his dock and he would call the sheriff’s office to report them for trespassing.

Deputies spoke with the man, who reportedly said he did not shoot at anyone but did tell the two people not to fish near his dock. He acknowledged owning a .410-gauge shotgun, but said he had not fired it for a week.

Public drunkenness — RHPD officers arrested a homeless Richmond Hill man who reportedly was exposing his genitals while holding a sign asking for money at the Highway 17/Interstate 95 interchange.

The man was staggering, had slurred speech, reeked of alcohol and his genitals were partially exposed as he held the sign, according to the report. He urinated on himself as he was being arrested for public drunkenness, the report states.

The same man had been cited for public drunkenness four nights earlier after an RHPD officer saw him nearly hit by two cars as he walked into traffic on Highway 17. The man then was argumentative and didn’t follow the officer’s directions, according to the report.

He reportedly said, “(Expletive) you, I’d like to see you make me,” after the officer asked him to put away his cigarettes and sit down. The man “pulled his right arm back with fist tightened,” and the officer wrestled him to the ground, the report states.

Reckless driver — A man reported that a reckless driver ran him off Highway 17 in Richmond Hill.

A mini-van pulled onto Highway 17 from Cartertown Road and nearly hit a Mini Cooper that was in the lane to the left of the man’s Dodge Dakota, he said. The Mini Cooper reportedly swerved to the right to avoid the minivan, forcing the Dakota driver to swerve off the road.

The Dakota was stuck in mud but not damaged, according to the report. The Mini Cooper driver stopped and corroborated the other driver’s story, but neither could provide BCSO deputies with a make or model of the minivan.

Sept. 25

Unwanted person — A Richmond Hill property owner asked police to remove a man who had been living in a tent on his land.

The tent was set up behind the Village on the Hill shopping center, on land the complainant owns. The man living in the tent was cooperative with police and said he would not return to the property, according to the report.

Sept. 24

Suspicious activity — An Ellabell woman reported odd occurrences at her home on Queens Way.

The woman said her daughter’s bedroom window was open slightly when she went into the bathroom to take a shower. When she came out, the window and screen were completely open and the curtain was across the bed.

The woman reportedly closed the window and picked up her daughter from school and, when they returned, the window and screen were open again. The woman carried a butcher knife and searched the house but found no one, according to the report.

Shoplifting — A Richmond Hill woman was caught shoplifting at Dollar General on Highway 17.

A store manager saw the woman put deodorant, razors, cat treats and flea collars in her purse and try to leave without paying for them, according to the report. The manager kept the alleged shoplifter at the store until an RHPD officer arrived.

The woman claimed she took the items for her boyfriend, who was in the car, but he denied telling her to steal or knowing anything about it. They both were charged with shoplifting and given criminal-trespass notices.

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