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More charges filed in Ellabell stabbing incident
Jesse Neumans

Additional charges have been filed against an Ellabell man who allegedly stabbed Ellabell resident Gary Watkins 27 times early Jan. 19.
According to Detective Mickey Sands with the Bryan County Sheriff’s Department, Jesse Neumans, 31, of Ellabell, has now been charged with armed robbery and burglary, in addition to the aggravated assault previously filed.
“As of yesterday I did apply for armed robbery and burglary (charges) on Mr. Neumans based on a conversation I had with the district attorney,” Sands said Tuesday. “I told them what I’d discovered in my investigations and decided to charge him with that.”
Additionally, Sands said Watkins, 63, has been moved to a trauma unit at Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah.
 “I spoke with his nurse and she said his condition has not improved or worsened,” Sands said. “He is on and off the respirator, he can’t seem to stay off of it, or ‘get to the next level,’ as she said.”
Sands said Neumans could face additional charges depending on Watkins’ condition.
“The investigation is ongoing pending Mr. Watkins’ condition — whether he gets better or worse,” Sands said. “There could be additional charges (for Neumans) if (Watkins) does not survive the attack.”
Sands previously said Neumans stabbed Watkins at his home around 1 a.m. Jan. 19, when he believes Neumans went to Watkins’ home with the intent to rob him or borrow money.
Sands said Watkins called his landlord, who lives nearby, after the incident. The landlord found Watkins and then called authorities, Sands said.
Neumans, who had been on probation, is being held in Bryan County jail.

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