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Mob invades, smashes up Ellabell home
Bryan County Sheriff's blotter

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office incident reports:

May 18
Burglary — An Ellabell woman reported a burglary at her home. The woman said she saw an unknown man jump her fence, look inside her boat and then take a weed trimmer and gas can from her shed.
The burglar dropped the items and ran away when the woman confronted him, according to the report. She said she saw the man get into a silver Chevrolet car and drive westbound on Highway 204.

May 17
Prowling ­— A Richmond Hill woman called the BCSO to report that a suspicious man had been at her front door.
The woman said her doorbell rang, and she looked through the peephole and saw a man in a hooded sweatshirt standing very close to the door. When the doorknob jiggled, she turned on the lights.
Deputies searched the area and did not find a man matching the description or any other suspicious activity.

May 14
Criminal damage to property — An Ellabell woman reported that several people ran into her yard and home, hitting her boyfriend and damaging their home.
The woman identified six of the people by name to the BCSO deputy who responded to the call. She did not know the other people’s names, but said they are from Dixonville.
According to the victim, the group ran onto her property “screaming and yelling” and carrying items such as sticks, bats and wrenches. They forced their way into her home and broke pictures off the wall and “smashed anything they could,” the report states.
The deputy observed that the home was in complete disarray and instructed the victim to make a list of everything that was damaged. Also, a board had been used to break the windshield of the car her boyfriend was using.
A witness confirmed the woman’s account of what happened. They both were given witness-statement forms to fill out and return to the BCSO.

May 11
Fraud — An Ellabell man reported that he was called on his home telephone by a man claiming to be with the IRS.
The caller said the man owed $4,800 in back taxes for the years 2008-13, and a warrant would be issued for his arrest if he did not pay the balance in full within 24 hours. The man told the caller a mistake must have been made because he always pays his taxes.
A BCSO deputy advised the man to call the suspect back and ask where he should send the check, but his call was not answered. The suspect did answer a subsequent call, but then hung up on the man.

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