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Marijuana leaf T-shirt prompts search, arrest
Recent crime reports

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office and Richmond Hill Police Department incident reports:

Aug. 31
911 hang-up — A BCSO deputy responding to a 911 hang-up at a Richmond Hill home was told he wasn’t needed.

A woman at the house on Knollwood Court reportedly said her 20-year-old son was not listening to her, but she wanted to discuss the matter with her husband before speaking with the deputy. She then asked the deputy to leave, according to the report.

Aug. 28
Suspicious incident — An Ellabell couple reported that a teenage girl rang their doorbell after 9 p.m., asked for milk and then ran away.

The girl, estimated to be 16 or 17 years old, “became evasive and left in a hurry” after being asked who she is, where she lives and which friend needed milk and why, according to the report. The couple told a BCSO deputy that they feared the teen’s visit to their Canterwood Drive home was connected to “an ongoing incident playing out” at Bryan County Middle School “between their daughter and a stalker.”

Aug. 27
Property damage — A man reported that someone tampered with the gas tank while his boat was docked at Kilkenny Marina in Richmond Hill.

He said the engine started sputtering and the gas gauge showed a higher level than it had the day before, according to the report. A boat company checked the engine and determined that water had been poured into the gas tank, causing the malfunction and requiring an estimated $6,000 in repairs.

Property damage — An Ellabell man reported that another man had threatened him and damaged his pickup at a party the night before.

The man said he accidentally had backed his truck into the other man’s SUV as he was leaving the party, according to the report. The owner of the SUV reportedly became irate, yelling and cursing at the pickup driver and threatening to harm him.

The SUV owner allegedly pounded on the passenger-side window of the truck and broke off the mirror by punching it. The driver of the pickup said he drove home and reported the incident the next day when he realized the extent of the damage to his truck.

Aug. 23
Marijuana possession — The shirt a Jacksonville man was wearing gave a hint to what police would find in his car.

The man, reportedly wearing a shirt with a large marijuana leaf on the front, was stopped by an RHPD officer on Interstate 95 after his car twice crossed into another lane. He smelled of marijuana and “(his) hands were shaking and he was nervous,” the report states.

The driver denied having anything illegal in the car, but the officer’s drug-sniffing dog picked up on the scent of marijuana. The officer found a smoking device with marijuana residue in the center console and a grinder containing suspected marijuana in the back seat, according to the report.

Theft — A Richmond Hill woman reported that a unique combination of items had been taken from her apartment.

The woman told police that, since she moved into Ashton Apartments at the end of July, items have gone missing, including a bottle of cooking oil from her kitchen, a folding chair from her living room and a staple gun from her spare room. She also said, after returning from a recent trip out of town, she smelled the odor of a cooked pot pie, and a pot pie was gone from her kitchen.

A neighbor told the woman that the previous resident of her apartment was a “squatter,” according to the report. The woman provided the police report to Ashton’s management to change her locks.

Aug. 22
Marijuana possession — A Minnesota man was charged with possession of marijuana after being pulled over on Interstate 95 for his car tag not being on file.

An RHPD officer smelled marijuana, according to the report, and the driver said he had smoked marijuana with his brother in Columbus, Georgia, a few hours earlier. The officer’s drug-detecting dog tracked the scent, and a plastic bag of suspected marijuana was found in the trunk.

Aug. 21
Trespassing — A woman checking car tags in the Richmond Hill High School parking lot was told to leave.

The woman, who had cameras and tag readers mounted in the car she was driving through the parking lot, reportedly told an RHPD officer she works for an auto-recovery company and was running tags. The officer told her the school’s principal had not authorized her to be there, and she left.

Aug. 19
License violations — A crash at the intersection of Plantation Way and Timber Trail in Richmond Hill resulted in charges for both drivers.

A Savannah man driving a Ford F-150 pickup could provide only a Mexican identification card and was charged with driving without a license, according to the report. An Ellabell man in a Chevrolet commercial van was cited for driving with a suspended license, which he said was from not appearing in court for a seat-belt ticket he received in April.

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