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Man's wallet mailed back, without cash
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Pedestrian under

the influence

Oct. 23 – Deputies were sent to I-16 after pedestrians were reported running out into the interstate and waving their arms at passing motorists. At the scene, the man said he had run out of gas. During conversation, the deputy said it was apparent the man was intoxicated, which a Breathalyzer confirmed. The man reportedly became loud and uncooperative at that time, and was taken to jail where he became belligerent and hostile. When asked where he lived, he said he would know where he lived by tomorrow morning.


Theft or lost property

Oct. 23 – A man said he went to the country store on Hwy. 280 where he purchased beer. He said when he got back to his home, located roughly 100 yards away, he realized his wallet was missing. He said he and the employee were the only two in the store at the time; when he went back, the store was closed. He went back to the store the following day and was told it was not there. Three days later, the man received a letter in the mail with no return address and the contents of his wallet, minus the cash.


Theft by taking

Oct. 23 – A woman reported her landlord after they removed her belongings from her Holly Hill Road residence, and gave away some belongings and burned the rest, the report said. The woman said she had never been served any type of eviction papers, but that she had notified the landlord on Oct. 11 that she planned to move at the end of the month. She said she went away for a week and returned to find all her belongings gone.

The woman said she did have a confrontation with the landlord about the items, and the landlord said she thought the complainant had moved.

The complainant could not provide a list of all missing items, other than the wardrobe of her 13-year-old daughter, furniture, washer and dryer, pictures, clothes from her husband and infant, a stroller and other household items. The report was handed over to a detective.


Simple battery

Oct. 24 – A juvenile in Ellabell walked down the road to a BCSO sergeant’s house to tell him he had arrived home to be beaten by his stepfather, the report said. When another deputy arrived at the sergeant’s residence, the victim said he had gotten into an argument with his stepfather over a bow and arrow set not being properly put away. The boy said his stepfather "snatched the bow case away from him," but he took it back because he didn’t want it to get damaged. The man reportedly then twisted the boy’s arm, and hit the left side of his face, causing a large bruise and minor cut.

At the boy’s home, the man said the deputy already knew what happened and he didn’t need to say anything more about it.

The deputy told the man he wanted to hear his side of the story, to which he replied, "just take me to jail," the report said. The man was arrested and also found to be intoxicated; photos were taken of the boy’s injuries.



Oct. 19 – After swerving over the fog line numerous times, a woman was pulled over at Rathlin Road and Hwy. 144. The woman’s eyes were reportedly bloodshot and glassy, and smelled of alcohol. When questioned, the woman said she had consumed five beers before leaving work at the Waterford Landing Golf Club; the deputy also noticed a 12-ounce can of Coors Light in the woman’s center console, the report said. The woman was asked to exit the vehicle and agreed to take a field sobriety test, which she failed. She also blew a 0.121 BAC, the report said. She was placed under arrest and taken to the Bryan County Jail.


Obstruction of officers

Oct. 18 – A deputy was dispatched to Clarktown Road in response to a runaway juvenile. The parents of the boy said their son had left the home after an altercation, and had gone over to his grandparents’ home next door.

During discussion with the parents, the boy returned home and immediately began to fight with his parents again, the report said. The deputy asked the boy to go inside and wait, but he refused to do so. The deputy had to use minimal force to get the boy into the home, but the boy simply ran through the house and out the back door. Police met him there, and detained him in the back of the patrol car. Juvenile justice was contacted and notified and a case worker released the boy into the custody of his parents. The boy was charged as being a runaway juvenile and also with obstruction of an officer.


- From reports on file with the BCSO.

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