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Man who allegedly bares too much arrested at local motel
Woman reports wallet, other belongings missing; police later allegedly told she's forgetful due to e
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Disorderly conduct

Sept. 7 – A man was arrested at the Motel 6 after allegedly exposing himself in his motel room with the door open.

One of the housekeeping employees was followed by the man, who invited her to go back to his room and drink with him, the report said.

When she turned him down, he threw $20 into the deal, asking her to "come to his room and clean it."

The employee said the man appeared to be insinuating that he would pay her for sexual acts, according to the report.

The woman told hotel management who called the police. After she made the complaint, another motel employee went to see what was going on near the man’s room.

The employee said he was walking around by the pool, and appeared to be drunk because he was having trouble keeping his balance, the report said. When the officer arrived, he found the motel room door open, with the man sitting inside in plain view of all outside guests by the courtyard/pool, the report said.

The report noted the man was exposing himself, and the officer told the man to get dressed and stand up. While the officer said the man seemed "surprised" to see him, he complied.

The report noted the room had several open containers of alcohol. During the man’s escort from the motel room to the cop car, he yelled profanities toward the officer and hotel employees. The man was brought to the station and the employees were given subpoenas for his case.

Violation of fireworks

Sept. 9 – Officers were sent to Canyon Oak Loop Road early in the morning after a call about some fireworks going off.

The complainant said she was asleep in her living room when she awoke to the sound of fireworks. She walked outside to see a "pile of fireworks that were igniting in a parking space catty-corner to her residence on the opposite side of the street," creating a large amount of paper debris.

There were also several packages of fireworks that hadn’t been lit, which were taken in as evidence. None of the neighbors had seen anything, and during the 30 minutes of investigating, another batch of fireworks was set off in the subdivision. Again, no suspects could be found.



Sept. 8 – A woman went down to the station to report her wallet missing. She told police she met up with some friends, and went with them when they dropped off some other friends at the Knights Inn Motel.

At the motel, the woman said she ran in to use the restroom, and left her purse in the vehicle. She first thought she had misplaced it or dropped her wallet, but finally realized it was missing. There was $500 cash, a debit card, a fishing license, a credit card, and warranties and receipts in the wallet.

The officer spoke with both the woman’s friends individually, who told the same story. Both agreed they had no idea how she had lost it. One said she had left several messages accusing him of stealing it.

The other said she had previously lost her wallet and cell phone more times than he could count, the report said. He said she is forgetful due to "excessive use of Zanax and marijuana," and he had seen her take seven Zanax during the five hours they spent together the day the wallet allegedly disappeared.

The officer said when speaking to the complainant again, she appeared "lethargic and disoriented and was slurring her words."


EMS assist

Sept. 7 – Officers were called out to the Holiday Inn to assist EMS for a disoriented male victim.

The call came from a woman staying with the man, who said he had taken ill about two days prior and been acting strangely ever since.

The man had no known medical conditions, other than cancer which was in remission, the report said. The woman told police the man had been pulling on clothes in the closet and talking to them on the day of the report.

EMS checked the man out and found his blood sugar to be normal, but said he should be brought to a hospital for further evaluation.

The man became agitated during the blood sugar test, and started screaming and calling for help. For transport, it took a number of people to restrain the man and strap him to a backboard, as the man continued struggling.

He was finally handcuffed so he could be completely secured to the backboard.

Once in the ambulance, EMS attempted to start an IV, but the man pulled his arm out of the restraints and had to be handcuffed again, to ensure he wouldn’t be injured by the IV needle. He was taken to Memorial Hospital.


Cocaine possession

Sept. 8 – After noticing a Saturn’s inoperative headlight, police saw the vehicle pull over, pull back out and change lanes several moments later, then turn onto Hwy. 17.

The vehicle was then stopped, and the officer immediately noticed the smell of alcohol, coinciding with the open 12-pack of Bud Light on the passenger floorboard.

The man told the officer he had a Mexican license which was at home, and the vehicle was not his, the report said.

The report noted the man was mumbling and slurring, and had bloodshot and glazed eyes. The man blew positive for alcohol, but due to language barriers, could not perform the remaining sobriety tests.

He was arrested for DUI, driving without a license, and no insurance. While the officer searched the car, he allegedly found a zip-lock baggie with a substance that seemed to be cocaine and a container with several razor blades in it, the report said.


Animal complaint

Sept. 9 – Three neighborhood dogs were allegedly causing problems and running at large on Cherokee Street.

One resident complained the dogs chased her mother and tried to bite her, noting there had been several occasions in the past when the dogs have been threatened with sticks because they were trying to attack neighborhood residents.

The dogs’ owners could not be found at their residence, and the officer said there was a fence in the backyard but all gates were open.

The dogs continually barked and charged police while they attempted to find the owner.

Because the dogs had no tags, Animal Control came and picked them up. A notice was left for the owners that the dogs had been taken into custody.


Harassing phone calls

Sept. 4 – A woman allegedly received threatening text messages from an offender saying he was going to kill her and her husband.

She said her husband is a Marine, currently stationed in Japan. The messages had come into her phone from "5000," but believed they were from another Marine who had friends in common with the woman.

She said her husband had also gotten messages, and the Military Police had already been contacted. She was told how to get a warrant.


Incidents from reports on file at the Richmond Hill Police Department.



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