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Man stopped for an expired tag has the new sticker in glove box
Pembroke Law Reports
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Verbal dispute

August 17 – An officer was dispatched to Benton Street in reference to a verbal domestic incident. There was no physical altercation and the subjects were talked to and asked to calm down.


Dispute with neighbor

August 18 – A complainant on Miller Circle stated her neighbor has been making verbal gestures toward her.


Disorderly subjects

August 17 – An officer was dispatched to Miller Circle in reference to disorderly subjects. Upon the officer’s arrival, several subjects were found playing basketball; no disorderly subjects were found.


Damaged property

August 18 – When an officer arrived at an Ash Branch Road resident, he found that the incident had occurred in Evans County.


Vehicle stop

August 18 – A vehicle was stopped on Hwy. 280 at the telephone company for an expired tag. According to the report, the driver had the sticker in the glove box.


Assist EMS

August 19 – An officer assisted the EMS with a complainant who had fallen out of her wheel chair outside of the residence.


Theft by taking

August 22 – A complainant on Mock Lane stated an unknown person(s) stole her jewelry from her bedroom.


Illegal dumping

August 21 – A subject wanted to let the police know to keep a lookout for people using a business dumpster.


Cats trespassing

August 23 – A complainant on W.E. Smith Road stated she has a video of the neighbor’s cats in her yard and climbing on her bird cages.



August 23 – A complainant on DuBois stated that a subject hit her and then threw a cement object at her car. However, she stated that she did not want to press charges.


Shots fired

August 23 – An officer reported to the vicinity of Ledford, near the Post Office in reference to a reporting of shots fired. The reporting officer did not hear any shots.


Suspicious person

August 23 – An officer checked the area of Warnell and Ann St. when a report of a suspicious person was made. The officer was unable to locate the subject.



August 23 – A complainant at Liberty Auction stated that a subject took some items without paying.



August 25 – A complainant on West DuBois stated that someone enters her apartment while she is gone and leaves shoes and book bags.


Loud music

August 26 – Subjects at a W.E. Smith residence were reported playing their music too loud. The music was turned down before the reporting officer arrived.


Loud children

August 25 – A complainant at Miller Village asked an officer to ask her neighbors’ children to be quiet and stay out of her yard.


Subjects arguing

(No Date) – A complainant at McFadden and Poplar stated there was no problem and no physical confrontation and it was a mistake to call the police.


Subject riding four wheeler

August 26 – Three subjects tried to elude the police and wrecked their 4-wheeler. The subjects fled on foot.


From reports on file at the Pembroke Police Department.

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