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Man reportedly threatens to call Jack Kingston from back of patrol car
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March 30 – A deputy was around the area of Morgan’s Bridge when he saw another deputy pass by him, on the way to the jail with an arrestee from South Bryan County. That deputy radioed that a pickup traveling east on Hwy. 204 had almost hit her vehicle and almost lost control of the truck.

The deputy waited until the truck approached and then activated the patrol car’s lights to find out why the driver had been driving so erratically. "I observed that the pickup truck was again traveling east bound in the west bound lane," the report said. When the driver finally pulled over, he reportedly left the vehicle partially on the roadway.

"The offender stated that he had just finished work as a DJ at a local birthday party and was going home. While speaking to the offender I smelled a strong odor of an alcoholic type beverage emitting from the offender, and his speech was very slurred and his eyes appeared to be red and glassy." The man told the deputy he hadn’t been drinking.

He was asked to step out of his vehicle and the deputy said the man was very unsteady on his feet. "I attempted to administer the Intoxilyzer test to the offender but he refused to submit a sufficient sample of his breath, by trying to hold the breath tube between his teeth, or just barely putting it between his lips while trying to blow into the breath tube, I stopped the test due to the offender not cooperating."

The man reportedly failed the other field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest and put in the deputy’s patrol car.

"Then offender then started to display a very erratic behavior by verbally abusing me, calling me names, using profane language toward me and continuing to interrupt the reading of the implied consent notice."

The man reportedly calmed down long enough to have the consent notice read, but then started back up again.

"The offender started his abusive behavior by stating that he was not going to take any of my (profanity) tests anymore and that he would be contacting his lawyer as well as Jack Kingston’s office, for my abusing his civil rights by not advising him as to why he was being arrested, that he had not been drinking, he had only been around people who were drinking and their odor must have gotten on him, and that I was unjustly costing him money by towing his vehicle."

The man’s profanity continued during the ride to jail and even at the jail. He reportedly needed to be placed in the rubber room holding cell. He refused to sign the citation for driving under the influence.



April 2 – "The complainant came to the Sheriff’s Office to make a report of a harassing phone call she received on the 31st of March from (an alleged offender)," the report said. The man allegedly told the woman he found her phone number on the bathroom wall at a pizza place and it said she was the person to call for certain activities. The complainant told the person not to call back and hung up, but wanted to make a report of the incident.



March 27 – Complainants said they went to see someone on Harveytown Road. When they arrived, "they found that (the boy) was not at home and started to leave, when they were approached by (the alleged offender). They stated she started cursing them and calling them dopers and to get off her property. She said the only reason they were there was to buy drugs from her son." The complainants said the woman went into the house and returned with a pistol that looked like a 22 caliber. "When they got on the road in front of her house, she pointed the gun at them and fired two shots in their direction," the report said. The deputy went to the resident and spoke with the woman. "She stated that she did get into a heated argument with the complainants and ran them off her property because she thought they were there to buy drugs. I asked (the woman) if she had fired a gun at them, she stated that it was a lie. But she did admit to going into the house and she did brandish the gun so they could see it." The weapon was confiscated for safekeeping.



March 27 – The deputy was dispatched to Ken’s IGA in Ellabell in reference to a shoplifting incident. The complainant said she watched the alleged offender place grocery items in bags that were in her shopping cart. The woman pointed to the alleged offender, who was in the checkout line at the time.

"I walked over to the offender and she started crying. She stated that she stole some stuff and that she was sorry. She also stated that her daughter was hungry and she could not afford to buy her food," the report said. The woman allegedly admitted to stealing three bags of food, including staples such as bread mix, milk, ground beef and sandwich meat.

The deputy asked the complainant if she wanted to press charges, which she said she did. The woman was placed under arrest and the offender’s daughter was turned over to her aunt. Due to concern for the child’s well being, the deputy said he contacted DFACS for further investigation.


Hit and run

March 28 – The complainant told police he was riding his bike on Wilma Edwards Road off of the roadway when a dark blue Ford F-150 came behind him and struck his arm with the mirror. The driver did not stop.


From reports on file with the BCSO.

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