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Man lands DUI after running into ditch
Bryan County Sheriff's blotter
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The following is from Bryan County Sheriff’s Department reports:

June 18 –
A Richmond Hill man was arrested for DUI after deputies watched his vehicle turn off Belfast Siding Road, cross all four lanes of Hwy. 17 and land in the ditch. The driver said his brakes had gone out and that he was OK, but told deputies his chest hurt from the airbag being released. Deputy Brian McGuire noticed a knife in the floor board and a wooden rod by the driver’s door and asked the man to get out of the vehicle. The deputy allegedly smelled alcohol and the man said he had one beer about two hours ago, but didn’t know what time it was and later claimed to have had two beers. Then after failing to give a sufficient sample for a breath test, the driver mentioned having had a mixed drink but then tried to retract his statement and told deputies to “never mind.” He then refused to give any further breath samples due to having a tracheotomy and breathing problems.

June 20 –
A mother and son from Savannah were arrested after allegedly attempting to steal an 18-pack of Miller Lite from the Parker’s gas station on Hwy. 80. Deputies made contact with the vehicle at the Zip-In store on Hwy. 80, and as they approached the car, a man holding a blue box got out  of the passenger door and placed the blue box next to another vehicle in the same location. When deputies ordered the man to come to them, he fled on foot to a nearby wooded area. Meanwhile, the female driver was attempting to leave the scene but stopped without incident when ordered by deputies. After the woman, who identified herself as the passenger’s mother, was arrested for driving with a suspended license, the son was seen sneaking through the woods. He was apprehended without further incident and arrested for shoplifting and obstructing a law enforcement officer.

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