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Man: Estranged wife robs him after dinner
Bryan County Sheriff's blotter
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The following are from Bryan County Sheriff’s Department:

Invasion of privacy

April 26 – Deputies responded to a complaint at a Richmond Hill gas station, where a woman was going to work at the business and live in the owner’s garage apartment. The woman told the deputies that while moving items into the bathroom of the apartment she noticed a camera in the air-conditioning vent. As she was removing the screws from the vent to investigate further, the landlord began knocking on the door. When she answered the door, the landlord was sweating and saying he was sorry. The woman then removed her belongings from the apartment.

Theft by taking

May 1 – An Ellabell man’s 4-wheeler was stolen from his Highway 280 home. The man told deputies he’d been chaining the vehicle to a utility pole at the edge of his property during the day but would bring it back to the house in the evening. One night he left it chained and padlocked at the edge of the property, and the next morning the vehicle was gone and the padlock was cut and on the ground next to the pole. There was evidence that the vehicle had been pushed toward the roadside ditch.

Theft by taking
April 30 – Deputies responded to a theft at an Ellabell home on Highway 80. The resident said he estranged wife, who’d left him a week ago, came back and robbed him after having dinner and “getting down to business.” The man’s necklace and an unknown amount of money were missing when the wife left.

Possession of drugs
May 2 – A Glennville resident was arrested on drug charges after deputies pulled him over for swerving in the road along Highway 280. When Cpl. Kenneth Squires questioned the driver, he noticed the man’s speech was slow and slurred. The man said he had not been drinking but allegedly hesitated when asked if there were any controlled substances in the car. The man gave the deputy permission to search the vehicle, and Squires found a sunglasses case containing three syringes, a spoon, several Q-tips, a bottle of water and a white residue on the case interior. The man said his wife was diabetic, but the deputy then found another spoon with a white substance on it. The man then admitted to boiling down Oxicontin and injecting it in his veins. The man was arrested and taken to the county jail.


May 7 – Deputies were responding to a burglary in process on Olive Branch Road when they were notified that the offender had left the scene and was traveling in a Chevy truck. Deputy Ernesto Nieves spotted the truck and followed onto Clark Drive. But before the deputy could initiate a traffic stop, the truck stopped and the man got out and said something like “I know why you’re here, it’s not what it looks like.” After patting the suspect down, the deputy asked the man to empty his pockets, which contained a wallet, cell phone and some jewelry. The man said his grandmother gave him the jewelry to sell. The deputy spoke to neighbors who said they watched the man drive the truck to a window in the back of the property, take his shoes off and enter the home through a window from the bed of the truck. The man was arrested, and the stolen items were identified by the owner later that day.

Attempting to flee
May 7 – Two Ellabell men were arrested after deputies attempted to pull them over for driving 74 mph in a 55 mph zone heading west on Highway 280. The vehicle began to pull over but then continued west until turning onto Warnell Street. The vehicle accelerated and turned right on Highway 119 without stopping, and then turned into the Barington Pointe subdivision. The vehicle then stopped and the driver and passenger fled on foot. Deputies chased the two men and caught the passenger behind a home on the corner of Highway 119 and Patterson Street. The passenger was taken to the county jail, where he was asked about the driver, who was identified as the passenger’s brother. A warrant was taken out on the driver.

Theft by taking
May 8 – Deputies responded to an Ellabell home on Highway 280, where a dog had been stolen from the backyard. The resident said it looked like someone came through the back gate and took his German shepherd-mix puppy. He told deputies that when he and his girlfriend left that morning, the gate was closed. But when they returned home, the gate was open and only the couple’s other dog was in the yard.

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