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Man being arrested hits head repeatedly on car
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Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor

May 20 – An officer responded to a call in the area of Homestead Drive in Ellabell from a woman who wanted a person to leave her property. While on the way to the residence the offer saw a man riding a bike that matched the description of the person the man wanted removed from his property. The officer stopped and spoke with the man, who was, in fact, the subject in question.

The man on the bike said he had not been on the woman’s property knew her son and one of his friends. The officer went and spoke with the complainant who said the man in question had been riding bikes with her son and another girl and that the three rode into her yard. She told the officer she had asked her son not to hang out with the man because he was buying cigarettes for her son, who is a minor.


Obstruction/Disorderly Conduct

May 20 – An officer was dispatched to a residence on Hwy. 67 in north Pembroke from a man who wanted another man to leave his property because he was drunk and trying to fight. While on the way to the home the officer received a call from dispatch who said the complainant had called back and that they were fighting.

Upon arrival the officer spoke with the complainant’s sister and she told the officer that the drunk man had gotten away and ran into the woods.

When the officer walked to the backyard of the house the offender was coming from the woods towards the house. The officer approached the man, who smelled like alcohol and had cuts on his forehead, knees and arms that looked to have been caused from the fight. When the man saw the officer he started yelling and swearing, wanting to know why the police were called. The officer told the man he was being placed under arrest and when he tried to put handcuffs on the man he resisted. The officer was eventually able to get the handcuffs on the man and put him on the ground until backup arrived.

Another officer arrived and helped get the man into a patrol car. While trying to get the man in the patrol he said several times that he was going to beat up the other officer. He tried to spit on the officer once but he was able to move his head.

An officer form the Pembroke Police Department was called to assist. When the man was being put into the patrol car, he resisted and made a threatening gesture towards one of the officers, after which the officers had to use a taser on the man. He then complied and got into the police car.

After the man was placed in the back of the car he purposely hit his own heard on the screen cage several times before he could be stopped.

The man was taken to the Sheriff’s complex and EMTs were called to check out his injuries. It was advised that the man be taken to the hospital and he was released. He was informed that his arresting officer would be taking out warrants for his arrest.


Affray/Aggravated Assault

May 23 – An officer responded to the area of Wade Carter Road in Ellabell to assist EMS with a victim that was cut. The officer spoke with the victim who said he had been in a fight with a man who had cut him with a knife of a bottle. The man said the two were fighting and when he tried to get away the man cut him.The officer noticed a deep, straight cut about two inches long in the middle of the man’s lower back. He also saw small cut on the man’s shoulder. The man said he did not know the real name of the man who had allegedly cut him but said he knew the general area where the man lived.

The man was taken to the hospital and advised of warrant procedures. The officer and two others checked the area where the man said he thought the offender lived but they could not find the man.

All information compiled from reports on file at the Bryan County Sheriff's Department.

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