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Man arrives at his home to find kitchen ceiling caved in
Richmond Hill
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Theft by taking

Sept. 14 – On a routine bike patrol through Piercefield forest, a woman approached the officer to report her daughter’s new bike being stolen. She said her daughter had ridden the new KO Mongoose freestyle bike to RHMS and parked it on the bike rack, only to find it missing when school let out. Shortly after making the report, the woman called to say she thought she had located it, apparently seeing a young, black male riding a bike that looked just like the stolen one. The boy said he had bought the bike that day, for $20 from a man named "Slim," but had no further information for him. The officer gave the boy a property receipt and returned the bike to the owner.


Move over law

Sept. 15 – After almost hitting an officer, a man continued driving south on Hwy. 17 in his Ford Thunderbird. Backup arrived, but the vehicle continued moving, not going faster than 50 m.p.h. Finally, one mile south of the city limits, the Ford pulled over. The driver, who reportedly did not speak English, was asked to get out. He was patted down but had no identification. The passenger, who reportedly spoke a little English, said the man did not have his license, and the driver was arrested. The offender posted a $210 bond and was released with his citations.


Forgery of a transaction card

Sept. 13 – Tidal Construction reported a fraudulent Home Depot use in Pooler. The complainant reported that she noticed the discrepancy in August and began investigating the $2,650 charges. The Home Depot card was reportedly not used, but the account number, which was signed with the card holder’s name, was. There was no verification by the Home Depot employees as to whether or not the account was being used by the actual assigned card holder. Copies of the receipts with purchase dates and times were included with the report, and were forwarded to the Criminal Investigation Division.


Property damage

Sept. 11 – A man reported damage to his residence ceiling, saying when he returned home the kitchen/dining room ceiling was hanging down, along with a section of fiberglass insulation. The officer said there appeared to be a footprint on the top side of the piece of drywall, looking as if someone had been in the attic and stepped of the ceiling joints and onto the drywall, causing the damage. The man said there didn’t seem to be anything missing, and it didn’t look as though anyone had forced entry, the report said.

- from RHPD reports

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