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Man allegedly requests deputies arrest him
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Theft by taking

Jan. 11 – A deputy was dispatched to Alex Drive in Ellabell in regard to missing packages. The complainant said on Jan. 10, UPS delivered a package to her home shortly before 5 p.m. When she arrived home, there was no package. She said she called UPS, who verified that it had been delivered. She also found out that on Jan. 3, another package from the USPS was delivered, which she never got. The items were listed as a shower head water softener, valued at $85, and a portrait of a swamp, valued at $50.



Jan. 11 - A logging company in Pembroke listed items stolen from their wooded area across from Bacon Town Road, including a utility trailer, a Honda pressure washer and a gas tank. The items, in total, valued about $6,000.


Disorderly conduct

Jan. 10 – Deputies were called out to Ellabell in regard to "an unruly and intoxicated male," the report said. The complainant, the man’s mother, said her son was on her property and was highly intoxicated and being disruptive, the report said. While the deputies were talking to the complainant, the offender walked over and allegedly demanded to be arrested. He was asked to stay quiet until the deputies were done speaking with his mother, but he began to yell, the report said. Because the man wouldn’t allow the reporting officers to conduct their investigation, the man was placed under arrest and taken to jail, the report said.



Jan. 11 – Deputies were called out to Richmond Hill in response to a burglary which allegedly had just taken place. The complainant said he was at his home on Lindsey Drive when he heard several loud banging noises. He walked outside to see what the fuss was all about and reportedly saw a black man in dark clothing entering his neighbor’s home. He also noticed the glass in the side door had been busted. The neighbor was reportedly away at the time, so the complainant yelled over to the offender, who turned off a light inside the residence and left by bicycle. The complainant said he started chasing after the man and followed him to Dixie Road before losing sight of him. The complainant called his neighbor and deputies checked inside the home, which appeared to have nothing missing or disturbed. The case has been turned over to investigators.



Jan. 17 – A deputy was sitting at the corner of Hwy. 204 and Porterfield Road monitoring traffic when he allegedly saw a Saturn drive by at a high rate of speed. The deputy’s report noted that he did not have a radar, but pulled out and followed the offender until he was able to "pace him accordingly," the report said. The deputy said he followed the Saturn for half a mile at 65 m.p.h. in the 45 zone and noticed the Saturn did not maintain its lane at all times, the report said.

Once pulled over, the driver handed over his driver’s license. The man said he knew he had been pulled over for driving "a little fast," the report said. When asked, he said he had come from Hwy. 204 and I-95 and had drunk four beers. He agreed to take the field sobriety tests, the report said. The man failed three of the tests and said he was unable to take the one-legged stand test due to back surgery. He was placed under arrest for DUI and was taken to jail.


Criminal trespass

Jan. 12 – An Ellabell resident reported criminal trespassing after the alleged offender came to his door and attempted to bust through, "because he was upset over some works exchanged earlier and some name called between the witness and another female," the report said. The deputy said that, after talking with the witness and examining the door, it was apparent someone had attempted to break in from the outside.


Harassing calls

Jan. 9 – A Richmond Hill man reported harassing phone calls after allegedly receiving five of them, all starting after 9 p.m. The man provided the offender’s name but said the calls came up as ‘private’ or ‘unknown.’ The complainant said the caller made several threats of harming him, said he "better watch his back," and made vulgar comments about the complainant’s wife. The man said he wanted the incident documented.


Simple battery

Jan. 11 – A Church of God Road resident filed a report after she said an altercation took place between her and her sister. Allegedly, they began to argue because she told her 17-year-old nephew to do something and her sister took offense to her telling him what to do. The complainant said her sister ripped her shirt and struck her multiple times in the face and body. The report noted the woman’s shirt was ripped and she did have several red marks on her head and shoulder area. The alleged offender was already gone when police arrived.


Damage to property

Jan. 14 – A Pembroke woman filed a report after damage was allegedly done to her vehicle. The woman said that on Dec. 22 at almost 10:30 p.m., the offender was driving her vehicle and failed to stop for Georgia State Patrol officers. The complainant has already received a report for the pursuit from GSP. The offender also reportedly struck an abandoned green Pontiac that was parked in the yard when he returned to the residence, resulting in damage along the passenger side of the complainant’s vehicle. The woman said the vehicle is currently registered to her father and she said she needed a report for the damage that occurred when the offender returned the vehicle.


Suspended license

Jan. 17 – As a deputy approached a green light at Harris Trail, he reportedly started to enter the intersection when he was allegedly cut off by a vehicle on the southbound side who make a left turn in front of him. He said the vehicle caused him to slam on his brakes in order to avoid hitting them, so he followed the vehicle and activated his lights.

The driver said he lived at the Ashton Apartments and had left his license there. When the deputy ran the man’s name, it came back showing the man’s license is suspended as of 1997. The driver said his license has been reinstated and said he underestimated how close the patrol car had been to him when he turned. He was placed under arrest and given citations for suspended license and failure to yield right of way turning left.

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