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Man allegedly poses as worker for Obama, feds
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Criminal trespass

Jan. 9 – Police were sent out to McDonald’s on Hwy. 17 in regard to someone harassing employees. The offender allegedly said he works for Barack Obama and the NAACP. He told employees he was traveling to different locations to "see who was legal to vote" and "check on illegal immigrants," the report said. A witness said the suspect approached the McDonald’s counter and asked for "documentation on all the Mexicans," telling the employee he "works for the government."

The complainant, the McDonald's manager on duty, said he asked the suspect for some kind of identification that supported his reasons for asking questions about the employees, but all the suspect could provide was a Georgia driver’s license which showed he was a Pooler resident.

The complainant asked that the man not return to the establishment and he agreed to it.


Possession of marijuana

Jan. 11 – A Steeple Chase Street resident was arrested after he was allegedly found driving with marijuana. He was pulled over on Hwy. 144 after reportedly driving 52 m.p.h. in the 35 zone. He appeared nervous and said he was running late for school, the report said. The officer reported smelling marijuana coming from within the vehicle, to which the alleged offender said that he did not smoke and hadn’t had anyone smoking in the vehicle. The officer searched the vehicle and immediately found what looked like marijuana seeds, leaves and rolling papers. The offender said "it was lettuce," the report said.

"The driver continued to appear very nervous and continued to place his hands in his pants. Due to the fact the driver had a large bulge in his front pocket and continued to place his hands in his pants, I was concerned for our safety that the driver may be hiding a weapon in his pockets," the officer’s report said.

The front pocket ended up having a baggie of marijuana and a pipe with burnt marijuana in it, the report said. The offender was taken to the station where he received citations for speeding and for having less than one ounce of marijuana in his possession.


Harassing phone calls

Jan. 11 – A woman filed a report after she began receiving harassing calls from what her phone’s caller ID identified as a female friend of her family. She said she didn’t think the woman would be making prank calls to her number, and said the voice was that of a male. She said all three phone calls made reference to how hot the complainant’s daughter and that he was going to come and get her if he had to, the report said. She said during the third call, she told the man if he called again she would report him and she hadn’t received any more calls after that. She was told to put the number on a restricted phone list.


Simple battery

Jan. 10 – Police were dispatched to the Waffle House in reference to an incident that happened at the Scottish Inns. The complainant said her boyfriend had beaten and kicked her repeatedly and then prevented her from calling 911 for assistance.

The reporting officer saw bruising below the woman’s left eye, which appeared to be a few days old. When repeatedly asked if she would like EMS to look her over, she said they could once she got to a safe house in Chatham County. She was provided with an info guide for victims.



Jan. 12 – A vehicle was pulled over after being clocked going 64 m.p.h. in the 35 zone on Hwy. 17, near CVS. When the man stopped in the Harris Trail Plaza, he told the officer he thought he’d been in the 55 zone and said the speed change was not clear.

While the man searched for his license and insurance, the officer used the time as a "divided attention test," asking questions or making comments to the driver. "He would stop looking for his information and turn to talk to me, then after this he would start all over again, looking for the items, rather than where he had left off," the report said. His insurance reportedly expired in December and he said he had renewed it but didn’t have a new card.

When asked if he had been drinking, the man first said he hadn’t. Then he said he had drunk two glasses of wine that evening, after being told a strong odor of alcohol was coming from his vehicle. He reportedly failed the standardized field sobriety tests to the officer’s "satisfaction," the report said. He was taken to the RHPD and gave BAC readings of .083 and .082. He was released on a $1,445 credit card bond.


Theft by taking

Jan. 11 – A Steele blower, weed eater, hedge trimmer, edger and chainsaw were reportedly stolen from a Richmond Hill Plantation resident. The complainant said she dropped off her employer’s cargo trailer with the equipment off at the same location she usually does. Before leaving, she said she locked the trailer up with three master locks. When workers arrived the next day to pick up the trailer to take to a jobsite, they informed the complainant that the locks were cut off and found in a ditch, with the previously mentioned items missing. The complainant said she didn’t have serial numbers on hand but would provide them later. The cut locks were taken into evidence.



Jan. 13 – The Study Center on Frances Meeks Way was reported burglarized after a woman from an adjoining office in the building found the hallway to her office, and a few others, unlocked. She noticed the Study Center’s door had been kicked in, so she called 911. The Nail’s Studio door was also found with damage on the outside of it. There was damage to the door and the dead bolt lock. The only thing that appeared missing was a gray money box that had $15 in it. The report said no tangible evidence could be located on the scene.



Jan. 13 – Police went out to a Casey Drive apartment in reference to a verbal domestic dispute. The man and woman inside the apartment were separated and questioned. The man said his wife came home and started an argument with him, grabbing him by the finger which caused a drink to spill in the living room. She then reportedly called the police because she wanted him out of the residence. The man reportedly smelled of alcohol and blew a .080 BAC. He then agreed to leave the apartment for the evening.

The woman said her husband was being verbally abusive and when she grabbed his hand to try and talk to him, he threw his drink on her and refused to help clean up the mess. There were no signs of physical contact and the woman said she would be packing up her belongings that night so she could leave the following day.


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