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Liberty vehicle break-ins might have Bryan connection
break-in graphic

Forty vehicle break-ins that occurred in the Lake George community near Midway might be related to a similar series of break-ins in Bryan County, Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes said Wednesday.

The Liberty County Sheriff's Office is investigating 40 vehicle break-ins that occurred in Lake George between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, Sikes said. He would not release what items might have been taken.

Sikes said a detective visited Bryan County on Wednesday because of a series of vehicle break-ins there that might be connected to the Lake George incidents. 

This comes on the heels of vandalism in which gang signs were spray-painted on cars and home in a subdivision near Lake George.

Since last Friday night, five cars have been stolen from the Rushing Street Station and Richmond Place subdivisions, according to the Richmond Hill Police Department.

Two of the stolen cars have been recovered. One was recovered, damaged, in Savannah and another was recovered Wednesday morning in Richmond Hill. The vehicles are being processed by investigators for evidence.

Three cars stolen from the Richmond Place subdivision were left unlocked and either had the keys in them or the keys were easily accessible by the thieves, according to the RHPD.

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