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Law reports
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Property damage

May 10 – A Sandpiper Street man reported someone damaged his mailbox. "My inspection of the box revealed that the flag had been bent over and the door was mangled to the point that it would not close," the reporting officer noted. The man was given a case number and told how to get a copy of the police report.


Property damage

May 10 – A Quail Lane woman reported someone damaged her mail box. "My inspection of the mail box revealed that someone had smashed away several of the bricks built up around the box itself," the reporting officer wrote.

The woman also said her backyard fence had been damaged. "I observed that several slats had been damaged and one had been completely torn away," the report said.

The woman was given a case number and told how to get a copy of the report.


Matter of record

May 11 – An officer conducting a security check of J.F. Gregory Park, "came across a fallen tree … leaning against a power line and obstructing the roadway." The officer notified a supervisor, who in turn contacted the Richmond Hill Fire Department and had dispatchers contact Georgia Power. Together, they solved the problem and the tree was cut down.



May 10 – This took up two police reports.

The first centered around a South Carolina man who was pulled over on I-95 after:

1. The reporting officer was told to look out for a motorcycle because the rider was having trouble keeping the bike in its lane and kept flashing his high beams at other motorists.

2. The officer spotted the bike and not only was the rider not wearing a helmet, but,

"As I approached the vehicle, I also observed that the motorcycle was following a vehicle too closely," the officer reported. "I further observed that the motorcycle was drifting from the inside of the lane to the outside of the lane."

After the stop, the officer noted in the report the rider had trouble keeping his balance, smelled like alcohol, etc. And, after refusing a breath test, he was charged with DUI.

The second report lists the man’s wife as the offender.

"I was just completing an inventory of the rider’s motorcycle when another motorcycle pulled over in front of the first one," the officer reported. "I observed that the rider, a female subject, had difficulty getting off of the motorcycle."

She wanted to know where her husband was and why the officer was going through his belongings.

"While she was speaking, I detected the odor of an intoxicating beverage coming from her person," the report said. "I also observed that her eyes were dilated and somewhat glazed."

She, too, refused to take a breath test. She, too, was arrested.



May 13 – An officer on Hwy. 17 noticed something fishy on a license plate – the decals didn’t match up.

He ran the number and the plate came back to a different type of car, so the officer conducted a traffic stop and noticed the driver apparently trying to hide something before coming to a complete stop.

Long story short – the man was charged with driving on a suspended registration, DUI, no insurance, alteration of license plates and open container.



May 14 – A man staying at the Royal Inn reported he got back to the room from work to find someone had looted the refrigerator.

There was no sign of forced entry, the report said.

Reported stolen was a 12 pack of Icehouse beer, five pounds of ground beef, one pack of hotdogs and one pack of hot dog buns. Everyone involved was given the case number.


Matter of record

May 14 – This one is taken word for word from the report:

"The victim stated that she came home and there was trash all over her yard. She found an address in the trash of the witness. She went to witness 1’s house and asked her to come down and pick up her garbage. The witness 1 told her she would come down and get it at a later time. They had words and witness 1 stated she had to tell the victim to get off her property twice before she left. Witness 1 further stated that the trash truck had apparently dumped the garbage out onto the street instead of in the truck. Witness 1 had a very belligerent attitude with this officer and had to be warned at least twice about yelling out obscenities to where people in the neighborhood could hear her. Witness 1 asked me what would happen if she did not go and pick the trash up. I told her she could be cited under city ordinance. She told me to cite her that she wasn’t going to pick it up. She stated that she was on the phone with a detective from Coffee County when the victim came up to her house.

At this point, witness 2 came up which is a friend of witness 1. She advised me of extreme personal hardships that witness 1 was having and stated she would go down and pick the trash up. Witness 2 and the victim’s son picked the trash up. The victim is pregnant and could not. When the victim heard of the extreme hardships, she stated she would just drop the matter. This officer took no further action."

Who says police don’t earn their money.



May 14 – An officer on Harris Trail Road clocked a vehicle doing 59 mph in a 45 zone and turned around to get the driver, who apparently had other ideas.

"(The vehicle) proceeded in a manner that made me believe the driver was trying to elude me," the officer reported.

The supposed getaway attempt didn’t work. The vehicle got hung up in traffic on Osprey Drive and the driver pulled over.

"When I walked up to the vehicle, I immediately detected a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle," the report said.

Ultimately, the driver was charged with DUI (second offense), operation of an unregistered vehicle and speeding.


Marijuana possession

May 14 – An officer patrolling the intersection of Hwy. 144 and Hwy. 17 spotted an SUV with a missing taillight cover. He conducted a traffic stop and smelled marijuana, the report said, and found some in an ashtray.

The driver was arrested, the pot was confiscated.


Public drunk

May 15 – While on another traffic stop on Hwy. 17, an officer heard someone screaming.

"I saw a white male walking south bound in the north lane of traffic," the report said. "The male was very unsteady on his feet and was swaying from side to side. I advised the male to get out of the roadway. The male screamed that he needed to talk to me. I advised him again to get out of the road and I would talk to him when I completed the traffic stop."

The officer finished up his traffic stop and drove to the parking lot of Clydes, where he "made contact" with the screaming male.

"The male was sitting on the curb at the back of the parking lot," the report said. "The male stood up and began staggering towards me. The male had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage about his breath and person. He advised me he had been jumped by four men."

The officer asked him where this had happened.

"(He) stated he was not going to tell me because the men would kill him," the officer reported. "He advised me to look at his face and I would see evidence of the attack."

The officer complied.

"I looked at his top lip and saw a small wound that looked like a fever blister but nothing more."

The officer continued trying to get information, but the man "began to get agitated and started cursing."

He was arrested.


Public drunk

May 16 – An officer was sent to the Knights Inn "regarding four individuals who were arguing in the parking lot."

The officer met with the men, "who all appeared to be highly intoxicated," the report said.

Two of the men were waiting on a sober driver to take them home. Two others were staying at the motel but wanted to go to the Waffle House to get something to eat.

The two men who wanted to go home were picked up by a sober driver. The two men at the motel were told to go to their room or get arrested for public intoxication.

They agreed, the report said.

"A few minutes later, I noticed the subjects exit their room and begin to walk towards the west side of the hotel," the officer wrote.

He asked if they misunderstood his instructions. They said they were hungry and wanted to go to Waffle House.

"Both subjects were then placed under arrest for public intoxication and seated in the back seat of my patrol car," the report continued. "I then transported them to Bryan County Jail, where they were turned over to jail staff."


Property damage, other

May 18 - Here’s one you don’t see everyday.

"Complaint advised that between (May 13 at 11 p.m. and May 14 at 9 a.m.) some one pulled the driver side door handle off her car."

The woman said nothing was taken from her car, a 2003 Hyundai Elantra, and she’d already had the door handle replaced but needed a report for her records.

"I examined the vehicle and found that he door handle was a different color than the rest of the vehicle," the officer reported. "The case report number was provided to the complainant and she was advised of how to obtain copies of this report."




May 11 – A Richmond Hill complainant one said a subject known as "Half-Pint" started a physical altercation with him. Offender one joined in on it, and his brother, believing complainant one was "acting in an aggressive manner…also entered the altercation, grabbing (complainant one) around the torso, pulling him away from his brother and throwing him to the ground," the report said. When the boy realized his mistake, he pulled offender one away from the altercation to avoid further conflict. Meanwhile, the brother started talking to complainant two, who was attempting to leave in his vehicle. At that time, Half-Pint began a verbal altercation with complainant two and slapped him across the face, the report said.

Complainant two continued to try and leave, but Half-Pint ran around to the passenger side of the man’s vehicle and began harassing complainant one even more, trying to drag him away from the vehicle, the report said. Another offender, who complainant one said he didn’t even know, reportedly joined the assault and held him down while Half-Pint took his wallet that had $535 in it, his $220 cell phone and his Lugs boots.

Sometime during the second altercation, complainant two’s vehicle was damaged and the inside door handle was ripped off.

Police arrived but several people fled the scene. All those involved at the scene were told to get the appropriate warrants and file civil cases if necessary.


Possession of cocaine

May 9 – The deputy saw "a known user of crack cocaine" coming from Clarence Smith Road, which the deputy described as a "known drug area." He and a Pembroke police officer stopped the man for a field interview. "Reporting officer asked (the man) if he had any drugs on him and he stated, not that I know of," the report said. "R/O asked for consent to search his person, which he agreed." The officer found pills, a crack pipe and a small piece of crack cocaine in his watch pocket." The man was arrested and taken to the jail.


Dog shot

April 24 – An Ellabell resident reported that his dog had been shot. "The dog was in his back yard tied on a lead," the report said. ‘It is a pit bull about one-and-a-half years old. It appeared that the dog had been shot two times with a small caliber gun. It was shot in the left and right rear upper leg area." The man told police he’s had trouble with people next door regarding the dog. "He states that a few days ago their puppy came into his yard when his dog was tied up, and his dog attacked it. He thinks that they shot his dog." He didn’t know the names or specific address of the people. The deputy told him about the warrant process.



May 8 – While a deputy was on patrol in the area of Belfast Siding Road, he reportedly saw a red Ford Explorer failing to maintain its lane. "The red Explorer hit the white fog line two times then drifted halfway over the center divider, then drifted over the white fog line again," the report said. "The vehicle then started slowing down, and then appeared to be pulling off the roadway without using a blinker."

The deputy initiated a traffic stop of the vehicle and when he approached the car and asked the driver for her license, he noticed the passenger had blood on his face.

"He stated that he had been drinking with some friends and an argument started, then someone threw a beer bottle at him. He further stated that it was no big deal and that he did not want to press charges."

The deputy requested EMS to come to the scene at that point. He also reportedly noticed the strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle. He asked the driver if she’d been drinking and she said she was the designated driver.

"At that time, I noticed a smell of an alcoholic beverage coming from her breath and that she was slurring her speech," the report said. "I asked the driver again how much she had been drinking and she stated one glass of wine."

The deputy asked her to step out, which she did but reportedly was unsteady on her feet. Another deputy arrived and administered a field sobriety test, which he said she failed. She was placed under arrest "for the suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and failing to maintain lane," the report said. The tag also didn’t match the vehicle. The passenger was taken to Memorial and the driver was taken to the Sheriff’s office, where she blew a .192 BAC.


Theft by taking

April 29 – A Pembroke resident said someone entered his residence and took a non-working microwave and a gas heater from inside and a gray engine stand, snap-on tool box with tools, various engine and car parts from a box near the home, two headers for a V-8 engine from a 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass and an electric fuel pump, distributor cab, wires, radio, radiator and battery from a 1984 Chevy Camaro sitting in the yard. None of the items are marked and the man reportedly had no serial numbers for the parts. The report said the suspect broke a window to get into the back of the house. The complainant provided information about some individuals that "had expressed interest in the property and some of its contents."



May 13 – A deputy went to the Zip-N in Ellabell to talk with the store owner, who said he had an employee who was allegedly taking money from the register. The man said he had it on tape. The man said there were several incidents on video and the deputy was able to watch the video and reported, "you can see exactly what the complainant advised was on the surveillance camera."

The employee has reportedly only worked there for five months. According to a witness, he had several days worth of receipts to show other incidents of missing money. Both he and the complainant were told to gather all the paperwork so an investigator could have it, as well as a copy of the video. The amount of stolen money was unknown.

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