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Law reports
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Verbal dispute

April 27 – A deputy met with two men in regard to their arguing "over the land line that separates their yards," the report said. The land line was reportedly roughly four feet with two feet on each side. One of the men had called the Sheriff’s Department because of the other’s behavior. "The two were separated and they agreed on where the line would be for right now until surveyed by a professional. (The deputy also reminded them it was a Sunday and they needed to watch how they acted in public."



April 25 – The complainant said he got a call from Staples to inform him that an unknown person had purchased $2,309.93 worth of cameras on the internet a couple days prior, on their site using the man’s American Express card. They also told him the offender tried to buy more items on the date of the report, but was denied. The man checked his credit card account and discovered his password had been changed. After contacting American Express, he also found out his address had been changed to one in Okalahoma, where the Staples items were shipped.



April 30 – A deputy was near Cypress Point on Harris Trail when he saw a man walking behind some apartments, "acting very nervous." When he was approached, the man started running on foot. The deputy called for backup and was trying to catch the man, who was wearing camo colored clothing. "He was apprehended in an apartment. He was placed under arrest and taken to the county complex for processing. Five page of a green leafy substance were found where he was seen kneeling down," the report said, noting the case had been turned over to a drug investigator.



April 24 – A Pembroke resident filed a report after her son was involved in a fight at Bryan County Middle School during lunch break. When the deputy looked into it, he found that both boys threw at least one punch. Other students reportedly said the complainant’s son was the one to throw the first punch. Another student told the officer the boys did not like each other and that "someone pushed (complainant's) son into the other boy and the other boy pushed her son back. Her son then rushed in and punched the other boy in the stomach. The other boy then grabbed her son in a head lock and punched her son. Both boys went to the ground the fight was broken up by teachers," the report said. No charges were filed.



April 16 – Ellabell residents reported leaving for a trip to West Virginia on April 8. They said they got a call from a man who said he had their laptop that someone had pawned him. "Upon their arrival and before entering the house the complainant called dispatch. The complainant said the only person who could have taken the property is the offender who only had access to the garage," the report said. The complainant said the home was secure when he left it. Among missing items were: a $200 coin collection, a Compaq projector, computer monitor, LDC 26-inch TV and several prescriptions including Clonzepam, Oxycod, Propo-N and Darvocet. The total estimated value of stolen goods was more than $5,000.


Aggravated stalking

April 29 – The deputy was dispatched to a lot in Ken’s Mobile Home Park. The resident said her ex-boyfriend and father of her youngest daughter had broken into her home sometime early in the morning. "She said he had forced his way into her residence through her daughter’s bedroom by tearing the screen off the window and forcing the window up," the report said and the officer noted the screen was torn, the window was broken and the offender had used a water faucet to boost themselves up to the window because the faucet was bent down from a heavy weight. "She said after he forced his way in she ran from the house to get help. She said some of the threats were if she did not leave this along, (where he was arrested for simple battery), he would plant drugs in her house or car and get her arrested and take their daughter away from her." The woman told police he left the area as soon as she called them.


Missing property

May 1 – The deputy made contact with two men. One said the other has two of his fishing poles with reels missing. The deputy spoke with the other man about the poles, he then went inside and brought out all the poles he had and none of them matched. The deputy told the complainant he could see the magistrate judge about getting his money back.



April 24 – The deputy was dispatched to the Buckhead community in regard to a possible theft. The complainant said an unknown man, approximately 30-years-old with salt and pepper hair had driven into the subdivision in a white pickup truck and removed two banners that were posted at the entranceway. Both banners said "Buckhead community yard sale Saturday" on them and were valued at $300. The investigation was turned over to a detective.



April 24 – A domestic dispute reportedly broke out at a Belfast Keller residence. When the deputy arrived, both people involved said there was no physical altercation, but that they had been in a heated argument over a DVD. One of the men requested to be taken to a residence on Blige Road.


Contempt of court order

April 27 – The complainant called from her home in South Carolina to say her children returned on the date of the report from a visit with their father. "The complainant’s children advised her that they father had taken a boat, trailer and a kayak that was awarded to her in their final divorce decree," the report said. "The child also state that their father took the boat back to his residence." The deputy drove to the property and saw the boat and kayak missing from. The complainant didn’t know the make or model of the missing items and was told to contact her lawyer.

Richmond Hill:

Matter of record

April 26 – An Osprey Drive resident made a report after first smelling "an usual odor in his back yard." The man said several hours after noticing the smell, "he found a dead cat lying on his deck near his grill," the report said. "He stated he has been having problems with his neighbor…and it’s possible he did this." The officer reported he unsuccessfully tried to contact the neighbor.


Public drunkenness

April 29 – While on patrol around 10 p.m., the officer saw three men standing outside the Holiday Inn on Hwy. 17. "I noticed they appeared to be arguing and that the oldest male was becoming physical with the other two younger males," the report said, noting the officer saw the older man hit and push the younger guys. When the officer pulled in, the older man told him he’d been drinking and was having a "problem" with the other two guys. He didn’t indicate that the three were related. Another officer arrived to interview the younger men, one said he was the older man’s son. They also reportedly had been drinking and both were only 19-years-old.

The older male verified one of the boys was his son. He said they spent the day fishing and were there to rent a room when their disagreement became physical. He did not admit to giving the boys any alcohol. He was placed under arrest for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. Both the younger boys were placed under arrest for possession/consumption of alcohol. The man’s truck was towed from the motel. By his request, a 9-mm. semi-auto Browning hand gun was remove from the vehicle and secured. All three were taken to jail.


Matter of record

May 2 – An officer responded to the Waffle House in reference to an unwanted person inside. The complainant said "the suspect has been making unwanted advances at her recently and she did not want him in the restaurant," the report said. The suspect was given a criminal trespass service notice and given a copy of the notice.



May 1 – Police responded to a reported accident near Harris Trail near the Sterling Creek Bridge. When the reporting officer arrived, the driver was standing near the other officer’s vehicle and holding onto it to help her maintain balance. "When I spoke with her about the accident, the suspect’s speech was very slurred, mumbled and slow," the report said. "I also observed that her eyes were very dilated. I also detected a very strong odor of an intoxicating beverage coming from her person." When asked, she told police she couldn’t remember the accident. She also refused to participate in any of the field sobriety tests. EMS arrived to treat her for a cut on her elbow and the woman refused any further treatment. She was placed under arrest and taken to jail. She refused a blood test to find out what her BAC was. The woman’s vehicle was towed.


Possession of marijuana

April 25 – While on patrol near Kroger Drive, an officer saw a white Acura heading west on Hwy. 144 speeding at 57 m.p.h. in the 35 zone. The officer pulled the car over and the driver provided him with his Florida identification card, noting his license was suspended, the report said. "While speaking with the driver I could detect an odor consistent with burnt marijuana emitting from the vehicle," the report said. Dispatch confirmed the man’s license was suspended after failing to appear in court multiple times and told the officer the vehicle’s tag was reported stolen from Jacksonville. "The offender was placed under arrest and searched for weapons," the report said. "I asked the driver if there was anything illegal in the vehicle that I should be aware of before I conducted a search…the driver advised me there was a small bag of marijuana behind the front passenger seat of the vehicle." He told the officer he just bought the vehicle from his girlfriend and didn’t know it was stolen. He was taken to the jail for booking and the vehicle was towed. The tag was taken in as evidence.


Hit and run

April 25 – The complainant said he parked his truck outside his place of employment and 30 minutes later, noticed someone had dented the passenger’s side door. "My inspection revealed that the truck did in fact have a large dent where the complainant had described. There were no witnesses and no evidence was left at the scene." The man was given a case number.


Matter of record

April 24 – The complainant said his estranged wife arrived at his home to drop off their son. "According to the complainant, the offender was with his estranged wife and was upset because he had told her husband that he had seen her in a bar with another man," the report said. "The complainant then said that the offender began issuing verbal insults with included extreme profanity. The complainant added that his chief concern was that the tongue lashing occurred in front of his 9-year-old son."


Matter of record

April 25 – An employee from the McDonald’s near Publix filed a report because of a customer who was in violation of a court order. She said the offender has been "ordered to stay away from her by a court order. The complainant also stated that the suspect is provided with the complainant’s work schedule so she knows when to stay away from the business," the report said. The complainant said there was no altercation and she was given a case number.


Matter of record

April 28 – Police responded to the rail road tracks between the Plantation Apartments and Sterling Creek in reference to a woods fire. "Upon arrival it was found that a small portion of woods in between the fire break and the tracks was burning very rapidly," the report said. The fire department arrived and took control of the fire. The officer saw two girls walking down a dirt path near the fire and the officer asked to speak with them. They said they were walking home from school and, once on the dirt trail, noticed the smoke and walked to the wood line to see what was going on. They called in the fire and were waiting until officials arrived. "They next advised they observed two males…walking on the other side of the fire." No other information was available.


Matter of record

April 26 – An officer assisted EMS with an 87-year-old woman who had fallen and possibly broken her nose. She was treated by EMS and then taken to St. Joseph’s hospital.

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