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Jurors report Aug. 20
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Superior Court trial jurors were drawn by Bryan County Clerk of Courts Rebecca G. Crowe on Aug. 5.
Jurors are to report at 8:15 a.m. Friday, Aug. 20.

If your name appears on this list and you did not receive a summons by mail, please contact the Clerk of Superior Court office at (912) 653-3872 to verify your mailing address and contact information. Also, due to the possibility of cases being resolved prior to jury selection, call the Clerk’s office after 5 p.m. Thursday to confirm that your attendance is still required. No compensation will be paid to jurors unless the jury pool is actually impaneled.
Jurors to report on 8:15 a.m. Friday at the Bryan County Courthouse located at 151 South College St., Pembroke are as follows:

Marion Kay Abel
Brenda Lee Albright
Andrew Jarvis Allen
Margaret F. Allen
Willie E. Allen Jr.
Helen Christine Anderson
Winifred Rebecca Anderson
Anne Arnsdorff
Helen K. Arnsdorff
Robert Earl Bacot Jr.
Ann Baker
Lorna M. Balser
Lisa Barratta
Bruce Walter Bechtel
Karen J. Becker
Stephen E. Boney
Matthew Ross Brown
Donald Ray Burton Jr.
Patricia R. Butler
Randall Alan Butler
Shelly N. Butler
Thomas E. Cannady
Theresa Zimmerman Carlton
John R. Christian
Ned Christiansen
Charles E. Coleman Jr.
Martha A. Coleman
Danny L. Cox
Kathy Maria Cribbs
Cleveland Critton
William Timothy Crowe
Joseph C. Cruz
Elaine Sue DeLoach
Madelyn Marie Dempsey
Mark A. Douglas
Collen R. Doyle
Aaron Drew
Darryl B. Dunham Sr.
Casey English
Charles Raymond Ethridge
Marion Wilson Exley
Jeffrey Scott Farmer
Virginia Carolyn Fields
Sibyl Y. Finnegan
Viola H. Flowers
Kevin Fountain
Gloryana Coris Gaines
James H. Gaines
Dennis J. George
Andrew Paul Gorton
Adriane A. Green
Edward I. Grey
Richard Gunn
Katrina Leigh Hagan
Christina Hale
Duane Laverio Hall
Willie Hanna
Rita F. Hardy
Lydia M. Harris
Alfred Lee Haynes
Marsha Gail Hernandez
Darrell G. Hilliard
Hoyt L. Holt Jr.
Vicki D. Hughes
Willene S. Hughes
Dondi Colleen Isbell
Jennifer Denise Jackson
Herbert L. Jenkins Jr.
Beverly J. Johnson
Eric Lucas Johnson
Latosha Johnson
Nicholas Johnson
Tamara Johnson
Kathy Appleby Jones
Mary Ann Blige Jones
Willie Kelly
Larry Kieffer
Gloria Laws
Joe L. Lewis
Janet Patricia Mabante
Angela R. May
Robert J. McDonald
Charles McGee Jr.
Raynard Craig Middleton
Robin Mock
Carl Moore-Hilaman
Stuart Robert Morrison
Patrick J. Murphy
Charles Emory Mutcherson
Kitty D. Myers
Linda F. Myers
Paul David Nott
Laura Ann Olson
Christopher Dean Owens
Paul Stuart Owens
Iris Runette Parker
David B. Parrish
Mitchell A. N. Patton III
Joy L. Pedersen
Sheila A. Peny
Mary S. Perks
Jason Phillips
Patricia M. Phillips
Ronald Anthony Polk Jr.
Michele M. Pursley
Carol Lynn Rackley
Richard A. Rahn
Joanne B. Rasche
Janet Reeves
Robin S. Rigo
Joseph B. Roberson
Debra Ann Rogers
Lexy Bland Romberg
Evette Roper
Gail Rushing
Laura Gore Russell
William Joseph Ryle
Gwendolyn Marie Sanders
Daniel A. Sapp
Terry John Schumer
Elizabeth Smith
Milton Ray Smith
Nell R. Smith
Robin Carol Snider
Christina M. Soley
Ronald Neal Speir
Danny Spell
Katrina Spiller
Heather B. Stewart
Mae Eliza Stewart
William Allen Stewart
Susan Elizabeth Stribley
Kimberly D. Sullivan
Richard S. Tatum
Joseph W. Thomas
Tammy Michelle Thompson
Cynthia Lesperance Tichenor
Sandra K. Vasher
C. Bryan Walker
Melissa Ann Walton
Robert L. Ward
Dale Gay Webster
Carol A. Weck
Kevin West
Terri West
Dorthey M. Wiggins
Alana Alisha Williams
Donald Wilson
Joan Zvolensky-Kieffer

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