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Jewelry, deer head stolen from car
Bryan County
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Aug. 25 – A Pembroke man said he had been storing all his fine jewelry in an old army ammo box, which was inside his Pontiac Trans Am. The Pontiac was located in his backyard and was not locked, the man said in the report. A mason ring with a ruby stone, a ring with a heart-shaped middle, an 18-inch gold necklace chain, a gold cross, and a deer head eight point buck were missing.


Animal cruelty

Aug. 27 – Deputies were called out to Jerusalem Church Road in Pembroke after someone allegedly shot a rooster. The complainant said she found one of her roosters dead, and it appeared to have occurred because of a gunshot wound. The woman said her dog had been barking at around 3 a.m., and appeared to be following something just inside the tree line on her property. The woman pointed out to the deputy where there was a small hole on the rooster. She said she was going to cut the rooster up later, and would see if the bullet was still inside, the report said. If found, the bullet would be turned over as evidence. Due to the rain, no footprints could be seen along the grass by the area the woman thought someone might have been.


Drive away

Aug. 30 – An El Cheapo employee reported a vehicle driving off without paying for gas. The complainant said a full-sized brown truck pulling a 25’ trailer had pulled up and pumped over $70 worth of unleaded fuel, and drove away without paying for it. The complainant said the trailer had two paint swipes on it, and that was the only distinctive feature she could remember. She did not get a tag off the truck or trailer, and did not know the direction the truck left in.


Dogs at large

Aug. 29 – A Pembroke woman's dog was allegedly killed from an attack by her neighbor’s dog. The deputy arrived at the woman’s residence and noted a "gashed wound" to the neck, and the dog died while the deputy was on site. The woman said the neighbor’s Boston terrier had created problems before, and had previously attacked the dog. She also said earlier that morning her 8-year-old daughter had run back home from the bus stop, "screaming because the dog had chased her," the report said. The neighbor said her dogs had gotten out and were running loose. The officer told the woman she would have to pen her animals from now on, as they were a menace to the neighborhood.


Criminal trespass

Aug. 25 – An Ellabell man got a little confused about which house was his. He was reported attempting to enter a Joshua Circle home; the home’s occupant followed the man to his residence and called 911. The deputy arrived and the man was "detained for safety purposes," but was not considered a threat due to his level of intoxication, the report said. The man said he did not know what was going on, and said he did not mean to have been at the complainant’s house. The deputy noted both homes were very similar, but arrested the man for criminal trespassing. The complainant was told how to get a warrant.


Structure fire

Aug. 26 – The fire department arrived to an Ellabell home first, in response to a fire. The victim said he and his wife had heard a large bang, which they thought was lightening. Both had looked around but didn’t see anything at the time. Several minutes later, a neighbor knocked on their door to inform them that the house was on fire. Everyone exited the home and the fire department arrived to alleviate the situation.



Aug. 28 – A Richmond Hill resident said her husband threatened over the phone to kill her in order to avoid child support payments. The woman said she and her husband had been separated for about three years. She said her husband has made previous threats whenever she has mentioned filing for a divorce. The woman said she wanted the threat documented.

Information taken from reports on file at the Bryan County Sheriff's Department.

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