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It's not a good idea to pull out in front of a deputy ... and lay drag
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Aug. 2 – A woman reported her ex-husband called her and made threats. He "stated that he was going to kick down her door and then kick her in the face," a deputy was told. The woman lives in Augusta. Her ex-husband lives in Bryan County.



Aug. 1 – A Statesboro man reported someone stole approximately 150 feet worth of copper wire from power poles between Hwy. 204 and C.C. Road. The man was unaware of when the wire was taken but estimated the cost at between $10,000-$15,000. The case was turned over to detectives.


Property damage

Aug. 1 – An Ellabell man and Savannah woman went out of town for a few days together and the woman left her car parked in the man’s garage. The man told BCSD that while he was away, his ex wife called and wasn’t happy to know he was with the woman and told him they’d find "severe damage to their property," when they returned, the report said, noting that when the two returned they found profanity had been spray painted on the woman’s car. A search for the ex-wife was fruitless. Warrant procedures were explained.


Traffic offenses

July 29 – A deputy headed west on Hwy. 204 near Clarence Smith Road spotted a red pickup pull out "directly in front of me from Henry’s Bait and Tackle Shop onto Hwy. 204 westbound," his report said. The deputy saw the pickup "spinning it’s tires and fish tailing as it got onto Hwy. 204."

The deputy pulled the pickup over and learned that the driver, a Midway man, "did not have a driver’s license because it had been suspended for a long time." What’s more, the driver said "he had just purchased the vehicle but could not provide a title, bill of sale or proof of insurance."

To top that off, "the license plates displayed on the vehicle belonged on a 1990 Cherolet Cavalier."

The deputy ran the driver’s personal information through the GCIC computer and learned that his license had been "revoked with 21 suspensions."

The driver was arrested. Meanwhile, "the front passenger … had in her possession a pill bottle with the label partially destroyed, containing several different pills," the report said. The woman told the deputy she didn’t know who the pills were for, where she got them from or what they were. The pills were identified and none were a controlled substance. She asked the deputy to take the bottle. He did and flushed the pills down a toilet.


Property damage

July 28 – A Pembroke man reported someone slashed two tires on his vehicle. The man’s son, who lives next door, told BCSD someone cut two tires on his Honda four-wheeler, cut two large cuts in his swimming pool liner and cut the hose to an automatic swimming pool skimmer. The men were told deputies would try to step up patrols in the area.



July 29 – An Ola Clark Road woman reported her window air conditioning unit and TV were missing. She said a neighbor told her his DVD player and radio were stolen. Information forwarded to detectives.



July 29 – A deputy clocked a pickup going 76 on Hwy. 17 South. Then he saw a Dodge Neon in the slow lane pass the pickup and clocked it at 78 m.p.h. The deputy followed the Neon to an address and learned the driver’s license had been suspended for "serious violations under 21." The Fleming woman was arrested and her car was towed.


Matter of record

July 25 – A deputy was dispatched to a South Bryan address regarding a report of a threat made by phone. The complainant told the deputy she left her 2-year-old son and five other toddlers at her home with a sitter on July 20. The woman said her son and another child was suffering from a severe diaper rash and she felt the sitter was to blame "by leaving them in soiled diapers for most of the day," the report said, noting "(The complainant) stated that because of this she does not feel that she should pay the sitter for neglecting the children."

The complainant said she got a phone call from the babysitter’s dad on July 25. He requested his daughter be paid. The woman said she tried to explain why she hand’t paid the sitter, but claimed the man didn’t want to hear her excuse. The woman "reported she told (the sitter’s father) that she was going to hang up because he was being crazy, (he responded with "you don’t know me and you haven’t seen crazy." She wanted the incident documented.


Taken from reports on file at BCSD.

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