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It could feel like 110 out today
Another heat advisory issued
cold bucket for OMI workers in the heat
A Hinesville contract worker holds a bucket of equipment that can be used to help cool off someone affected by the heat. - photo by File photo

The National Weather Service has issued a new heat advisory for today, estimating the heat index could feel like it is nearly 110 in the area.

Mike Hodges, director of the Liberty County Emergency Management Agency, passed the advisory along, saying it covers all of Southeast Georgia and will be in effected until 6 p.m.

The service’s Charleston, South Carolina, office issued the advisory, saying the temperatures will be near 100 and humidity will make it seem that temperatures are near 105-109 degrees. Today’s advisory includes beaches and the barrier islands

The service warns that high temperatures and humidity can lead to heat illnesses if precautions are not taken:

If you have to be outside drink plenty of fluids, wear light clothing and stay out of directly sunlight as much as possible. Also take plenty of breaks in shade or air conditioned areas.

Know the signs of heat illnesses and check on those who are susceptible to heat, such as young children and the elderly. Never leave children and petsin vehicles, especially with the windows rolled up.

If you suspect someone has been overcome by heat move him to a cool, shaded place. Heat stroke is an emergency and 911 should be called, if you suspect the problem is that bad.

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