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Home burglary took less than 45 minutes
Recent crime reports

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office and Richmond Hill Police Department incident reports:

June 15
Fraud — A Richmond Hill woman reported that someone bought a car using her name. The woman showed a BCSO deputy an email she received from a Kia dealership in North Carolina, quoting a price to fix a vehicle that supposedly was in her name. The deputy ran the vehicle identification number through North Carolina, which showed it being registered to the woman.

June 13
DUI — A Richmond Hill woman was charged with driving under the influence and failure to maintain a lane after a BCSO deputy saw her 2003 Jeep Liberty weaving on Highway 144. The woman’s eyes were glassy and her speech was slurred, according to the report. She was arrested after having difficulty performing field sobriety tests.

On the way to the sheriff’s office in the patrol car, the woman reportedly said she is a “good, poor citizen” and asked, “Why aren’t you arresting the people who drive Mercedes?” The woman registered 0.212 percent and 0.209 percent blood-alcohol level on breath tests, nearly three times the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

Burglary — An Ellabell woman reported that a computer, mixer and set of speakers were stolen from her home. The woman said she left her home around 8:35 p.m. and, when she returned approximately 45 minutes later, the back door was open and the items were missing. The door appeared to have been pried open; no fingerprints or other evidence was found.

The following day, the woman told the BCSO she had tracked the IP address of her stolen computer to a residence where her ex-boyfriend occasionally stays. The homeowner said he does not know that man, and he walked deputies through the house to show that the woman’s property was not there.

Obstruction — A woman wanted in Effingham County was arrested after offering a BCSO deputy a false name — and a bribe. Acting on a tip, the deputy saw the woman arguing with her roommate outside a mobile home in Ellabell. The woman gave a false name as she was being handcuffed, according to the report, and her roommate told her not to lie.

As the deputy was walking the woman to his patrol car, she reportedly said, “I will give you $100 to let me go, and I will disappear.” The woman complained of chest pain and was checked by Bryan County EMS prior to being taken to jail.

June 11
Harassment — A woman reported being harassed after moving in with her mother in Richmond Hill. The woman said she has received threats from her sister and sister’s husband that she needs to move out of the house or, “they would put her out.” The woman said the sister and husband live out of town and have threatened to come to Richmond Hill to make her move.

Robbery — A Richmond Hill man reported that four men drove him down a dirt road off Belfast Keller Road and robbed him of $500. He identified three of the men by name and the fourth by a nickname. The victim said two of the men wrestled him to the ground and demanded money. The man said he gave them $500 and dropped him off in Liberty County.

June 10
Domestic dispute — A woman was yelling at several people at her Pembroke home when a BCSO deputy arrived. The woman said a guest brought a gun to the house and fired it into the air a few times at the request of people who live with her. She said she was angry because several juveniles were there at the time.

June 8
Vehicle wreck — A Savannah man was seriously injured when his motorcycle was hit by an SUV at the intersection of Highway
17 and Harris Trail. Witnesses said the motorcyclist had a green light, and the driver of the SUV turned in front of him. The cyclist suffered injuries to his face, feet, ankles, legs and arms, and the SUV driver was not injured, according to the report.

The motorcyclist was “conscious but not coherent” when RHPD officers arrived, the report states. Bryan County EMS took the man to Richmond Hill High School, where a Lifestar helicopter flew him to Memorial Health University Medical Center.

Fighting — RHPD officers responded to a fight outside Snazzy’s restaurant involving a woman, her boyfriend and a group of men staying at the adjacent hotel. Video surveillance showed the boyfriend and a man from the group getting into an altercation. The woman could be seen throwing punches at several of the other men in the group.

The woman’s boyfriend told police the group of men had said disrespectful things to them. The man who fought with the boyfriend said he and his group intervened when they saw the couple arguing and the boyfriend grabbed her.

June 3
Solicitation — A Richmond Hill officer saw a man holding a cardboard sign and soliciting for money near the intersection of Highway 17 and Interstate 95. The officer told the man he was breaking the law by soliciting on the side of the road. The man said he knew it was not the “most legal thing” to do, but he was trying to get a room for the night to get out of the rain, according to the report.

The officer offered to give the man a ride to a nearby fast-food restaurant and buy him a meal, and the man accepted. The man, who had a Maryland ID and no active warrants, told the officer he would not solicit anymore and threw away his sign at the restaurant.

Injury — A resident of Magnolia Manor assisted living fell and hit her head against a door, causing her to bleed from a cut above one of her ears. Two staff members on their morning rounds found the woman on the bathroom floor of her room. Emergency personnel responded, and she was taken to Memorial University Medical Center for treatment.

No one knew how long the woman had needed assistance, according to the report. The paging system residents use to call the assisted-living staff for help went down at some point during the night, and none of the pagers was working at the time, an employee said.

Abandoned dog — A Richmond Hill woman reported that a heavyset man in an older-model blue Chevrolet Blazer dropped a small black dog in front of her Piercefield Drive home and sped away.

The woman said she had never seen the vehicle or the dog in the area. A pedestrian found the dog on Harris Trail and put it on a leash.
Animal Control picked up the dog.

June 2
Marijuana possession — A New York man was charged with marijuana possession after he was pulled over on Highway 25 for his taillights not working. The report states that the man was acting nervous, and an RHPD officer asked why he could smell marijuana. The man said he had just smoked marijuana, and marijuana was inside the car.

Officers found a plastic bag containing marijuana and a marijuana-smoking bowl in the passenger’s purse, and a straw with drug residue under the passenger seat. The marijuana totaled 8.6 grams, according to the report.

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