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Girls may have egged property
RH PD crime reports

Oct. 25: • Criminal trespass — An Ashton Apartments resident told Richmond Hill police that she came home from work and found broken eggs on the front door of her apartment.
The woman said that wasn’t the first time her unit had been egged. The previous day, her car had been egged and, according to the report, the “(complainant) stated that her boyfriend’s vehicle was covered in egg as well …”
The officer who handled the report noted: “The broken eggs were still on the vehicle when I arrived.”
The woman said she didn’t have any suspects, though she noted her “daughter has had altercations with some other girls in the neighborhood in the past.”

Oct. 29
• Found property — An employee of Motel 6 reported that a cleaning lady found a “pistol BB gun under one of the mattresses in a room.” She only wished to turn it in due to the fact that “a previous customer may wish to claim it,” the report said.
The Richmond Hill Police Department officer who handled the call reported the BB gun was emptied of ammo and put it into an evidence locker for safekeeping in case the owner showed up to claim it.

Oct. 30
• Public drunk — Police were sent to The Suites at Station Exchange around 11:30 p.m. “in reference to a male attempting to gain entry,” a report said.
When they got there, they found “(the man) was still attempting to open the front door to The Suites.”
The man wasn’t sober, either. “An odor of alcohol emitted from his person, his eyes were bloodshot and had a glazed look. His face was flush, with his cheeks appearing to be red. It was clear that he was extremely unbalanced to the point that (police) assisted him in taking a seat in a chair located next to him.”
He also wasn’t helpful, apparently.
“When we asked for his personal information, he grunted and provide no useful information,” the report said. “When asked where he lived, he stated … ‘your mama’s house.’ At this point, it was clear that (the man) was uncooperative.”
He was arrested, cited and taken to Bryan County Jail.

Nov. 1
• Damage to vehicle — A woman reported that a wooden gate to a fence around a Dumpster fell on her car. The woman said she parked next to the Dumpster around noon and it happened between then and 1 p.m.
According to the report, the responding officer said he “observed the wood gate lying on the ground next to (the woman’s) vehicle. It appeared that the wind blew the gate, causing the hinges to rip from the support post, making the gate fall on her vehicle. The damage was very minimal.”
The woman wanted a report to document the incident.
• Matter of record — A trucker reported he was headed south on I-95 when “a tractor-trailer in front of him was hauling some sort of gravel and his truck was hit by some of the payload,” a report said. The “(complainant) stated he was able to contact the driver by CB radio but the driver stated any objects damaging his truck must have come from the roadway and continued on his way,” according to the report.
The trucker said he wanted a report in case he gets questioned by DOT about his truck’s cracked windshield.
The officer told the man there was no way for police to determine whether the object that hit his truck came from the road or the trailer in front of him, “but I would document the damage.”

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