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Free ride ends in jail
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Warrant Service

May 13 – While on patrol a deputy saw a man walking down Hwy. 280 and he stopped and talked with the man, who told the deputy he was headed to Miami, Fla., and wanted to know if the deputy could give him a ride to I-16.

The deputy placed the man in the back of his patrol car and while in route to I-16 the deputy ran the man’s name and date of birth. The man’s information came back saying he was a wanted person on probation charges out of middle Georgia and wanted by the North Carolina Department of Corrections.

The deputy had dispatch confirm this information with the two agencies and the man was arrested and taken to the Bryan County Jail.


Theft by Extortion

May 14 – A deputy met with a man in the area of Steve Bulloch Road in reference to the discovery of some of his missing tools. The man said he had reported that his tools had been stolen two days before and that the person he suspected had stolen the tools, an acquaintance of his, had just called him an hour before and said she wanted to talk with him about his missing tools.

The woman said she knew where the man’s tools were but said if he wanted them back he would have to pay her $150 and he would have to promise not to prosecute her for stealing them.

The man met the woman and she took him to where the tools were, lying on the side of Steve Bulloch Road. The man who had the tools told the complainant that the woman and another unidentified man had sold him the tools in order to have money to buy drugs.

When the woman found out the police had been called, she left the scene. The man was advised on how to obtain warrants.


Terroristic Threats

May 14 – A deputy was dispatched to the area of Toni Branch Road in Ellabell after dispatch received a call that someone was in route to a home to shoot someone.

Upon arrival to the residence the deputy spoke with the complainant, who said that her brother-in-law had just called her and said that she, her husband and child should leave the home because he was coming over to shoot the woman’s brother, who apparently was dating his wife. The woman told her brother-in-law she was not leaving and hung up the phone.

Incidents taken from reports on file at BCSD.

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