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Fight involved a machete; no one hurt
Bryan County Sheriff's blotter

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Department reports:

Harassing communications: A deputy was sent to a Buckhead East address around 2:30 p.m. Monday where he met with a woman who told him this story involving her teenage daughter and some friends.

"(Complainant) indicated (an adult male) came to her residence at approximately 13:35 hours this date accompanied by a juvenile male and a juvenile female. She stated the subjects were invited into her residence. (Complainant) stated the juvenile female who accompanied the (adult male) left a jacket at her residence on a previous date. She stated the visiting parties claimed there was seven dollars cash missing from the jacket pocket. (Complainant) stated she told the parties if seven dollars cash was missing she would pay them the seven dollars. (She) stated (the adult male), her juvenile daughter and the other juveniles went outside the residence."

That’s when an argument between the visitors and the woman’s daughter over the $7 took place in the front yard.

The woman said she went outside to intervene and "the juvenile male began cursing and using profane language towards her. She stated the juvenile male called her a __ several times. She also stated the same juvenile male was getting in her daughters face trying to instigate a fight."

The woman, who said she wanted to file the report in case anything else happened, said she told the group to leave her property and they finally did, but it wasn’t over. The woman said she got a voicemail and text demanding the $7 back or he’d get "other people involved."

The deputy gave her a case number.

Theft: A Pembroke man reported Wednesday a guy at his house stole his wallet.

Here’s what the report said: "Complainant stated that a subject he knew was at the house on the theft date. Complainant stated that he was in bed and his wife was in the bathroom. Complainant stated that when his wife came out of the bathroom the subject had left the residence.

"Complainant stated he went to look for his wallet and could not find it. Complainant stated that it was in his pants pocket which was on the floor in the bedroom the last time he saw it. The complainant’s wife stated that she washed the pants and that the wallet was not there.

"Complainant believes that the subject that was at his residence took his wallet."

The man gave the deputy the suspected thief’s name.

Lost tag: A man reported Friday he was riding his Harley Davidson on I-16 when his license plate fell off "and was lost due to a makeshift license bracket he had made."

The man said he "searched for the tag after falling off" but was unable to find it.

The tag was entered into police computers as lost.

Assault: This happened Thursday afternoon in Ellabell.

Deputies were sent to a Pine Ridge Drive address regarding a man who was "provoking a fight with the resident."

When deputies got there, the men were no longer fighting. The suspect was found pushing his car down the road. Deputies talked to him, and he said he’d gone to the house to talk to a woman there, and stayed inside his car while he talked to her.

That’s when he said the man living at the house came over and told him to leave.

The suspect said he told the man his battery was dead and he couldn’t drive away.

The suspect said the man began yelling at him, then punched him in the face a couple of times.

At some point during this the suspect said he was trying to get out of the car and "grabbed his folding pocket knife and swung at (the man’s) shirt, in an attempt to get free."

The suspect said he then got out of the car and told the man he would leave.

"(The suspect) stated, while pushing his vehicle from the residence, (the man) began yelling at him and striking him in the head with a PVC pipe. (The suspect) stated, at this point, he grabbed a machete that was on his passenger seat and swung at the PVC pipe in (the man’s) hand."

The suspect said he was leaving at this point and just wanted the man to stop hitting him with the pipe.

The man had a different story. The man said the woman didn’t want to speak to the suspect any more and so he asked him to leave the property.

"(The man) stated that (the suspect) then swung at him with a knife, cutting his finger on his left hand. (The man) stated that he then punched (the suspect) in the face to defend himself.

"(The man) stated that (the suspect) then exited his vehicle with a machete; he stated that he then grabbed a PVC pipe. (The man) stated that (the suspect) then swung the machete at him, which he blocked with the PVC pipe."

The man said that’s when the suspect agreed to leave and started to push his car away.

The woman said she thinks the suspect "misinterpreted her friendship as something more. (She) stated that she told (the suspect) that she couldn’t speak with him anymore. (She) stated that she then walked back to the house."

The woman said that’s when the man walked over and asked the suspect to leave, and that the suspect responded by swinging his fist.

She said she "then gathered her grandchildren and went in the house," and never saw the suspect swing a machete.

The suspect was arrested for swinging the machete.

Unlicensed driver: A deputy was driving down Highway 17 around 2 a.m. Saturday when he "observed three pickup trucks traveling at a high rate of speed northbound. A check of the vehicles speed indicated their speeds ranged from 77 mph to 86 mph."

The deputy turned around and saw two of the pickups turn onto Clarktown road, so he pulled both over and "made contact" with the drivers.

The first one was a 14-year-old who didn’t have a license.

He told the deputy "he was driving his friend’s truck … because (his friend) was tired."

And buzzed, apparently. The deputy could smell alcohol on the friend’s breath, and the friend owned up to the fact he’d let the 14-year-old drive because he’d been drinking. He was arrested.

The deputy then talked to the driver of the third pickup, who told him she was "the trail vehicle of the three trucks and was just attempting to get the juvenile passenger in her vehicle home."

That juvenile passenger was 13, the report said, and he too was intoxicated.

The woman was issued a ticket for driving 77 mph in a 55 mph, and both juveniles were taken to jail, where one was cited for underage drinking and the other for speeding and driving without a license.

They were then released to their parents. And the friend who let the 14-year-old drive was also taken to jail for letting an unlicensed driver drive, and given warnings for underage drinking and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Welfare check: A deputy was sent Friday to a Harden Road address "for a complaint of possible elder abuse."

There, he met a complainant who said she got a call from a neighbor asking her to "walk next door and check on her elderly mother."

The woman said she went to check on the mother and found her "on the floor and covered in dog feces."

The complainant said the mother told her she fell while walking out of the bedroom.

"The (complainant) stated that the entire home was several inches deep in animal feces and had a horrible smell. (Complainant) got (the occupant) back in her bed and returned home. She told deputies that she felt (the occupant) was not receiving proper care and living in filth."

So, deputies went to the home to investigate.

"It took several minutes to get her to the door. (She) would not open the door more than 3 inches. (She) stated to deputies that her daughter has not cleaned their home in several weeks and she was too embarrassed for us to enter. There were dogs in the home trying to get out as she talked."

The woman said she was OK, and only had a minor fall.

"I could see through the opening in the door blood on her shirt as well as feces on her shirt, arms and face. (The woman) told us to leave and that she would be fine."

Deputies asked if she wanted EMS to come and she refused. They told her to call BCSD if she needed them.

The complainant said there were several people living in the home with the woman.

The reporting deputy noted the Georgia Department of Adult Protective Services Division of Aging will be contacted.

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