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Echo locates alleged bad guy
Richmond Hill Law Reports
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Harassing phone calls

Aug. 21 – The complainant said she and her co-worker had gotten into a verbal disagreement at her job in South Carolina. She said she did not know any of the co-worker’s information, other than she was a mid-20s, 5’6" Hispanic female. The complainant said she was driving home from work and her co-worker called her 27 times and left 11 messages between the hours of 3 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., telling her she would "cause bodily harm to her."

The complainant said she feared for her life because the co-worker was aware of where she lived. She was told to get a report in South Carolina, and of how to get a protective order. The officer gave her a case number and told her how to get a copy of the police report.



Aug. 20 – At almost midnight, an open gate at Rock of Ages was noticed by an officer patrolling Longwood Drive. Beyond the open gate, the officer could see a forklift in the yard with its activation light on, the center bay door of the business open, and a slab of granite that had dropped and broken from an unsecured rack in the yard.

The officer cleared the building, noting the lobby light was on inside, but nothing appeared disturbed within the business.

Out in the yard, the officer said it appeared as though someone tried to "move and possibly load a granite slab from the stand, but dropped it on the ground causing it to break in half," the report said.

The business owner said she left the gate secure, and no lights should have been on other than an office table lamp which the officer noted was off during his inspection. At her request, the officer locked the chain on the gate and left.



Aug. 21 – A Rice Gate Drive resident reported being attacked by her ex-boyfriend. She told the officer she had two men over at her home, and when the three left the house, her ex-boyfriend came around the side of the house and attacked the two men. The two men left the area while the woman ran back into her house. When she returned outside, she was confronted again by her ex-boyfriend, who was "yelling and screaming" at her, the report said.

The woman said the man next grabbed her purse from her, took her cell phone, and proceeded to allegedly smash it on the ground. She said he then got onto a bike that was in the backyard of the empty residence next door to her and rode away.

The woman said she felt as though the man had been looking through her windows and possibly entered her house at some point in the evening.


Domestic offense

Aug. 22 – Units were sent to Knights Inn after being told about a domestic problem between a couple and a possible suicide. The man in the room said he and his girlfriend were having a fight about their current living situation, being that they lived out of hotels and didn’t have enough money coming in. The woman said she was "frustrated with trying to make (her boyfriend) understand her feelings," and threw a Styrofoam cup of rice at him while yelling that she was tired of their situation. The man said there was no physical contact during the altercation, but he thought his girlfriend was talking about ending her life and he called 911. The woman said she had no intention of harming herself, was concerned about her 2-year-old daughter, and wanted to stop living in motels, the report said. The woman’s mother came and picked up the little girl, and the couple was given "options to remedy their situation," as well as a case number.


K-9 search

Aug. 24 – Richmond Hill’s K-9 Echo was sent to help Georgia State Patrol and Liberty County Sheriff’s Department with tracking a suspect that had fled from a trooper. Echo was given the "find" command near the woods where the trooper had last seen the suspect running, and immediately picked up the trail and tracked the suspect through the woods for approximately 1.5 miles, the report said. The search then came to an open field of waist-deep grass, where Echo continued tracking until the suspect jumped up about five feet away and continued running. Despite police pursuit, the suspect outran them and Echo lost his trail because the area was "extremely contaminated" by so many assisting officers.

After an hour of continued searching using a thermal imager, the suspect could not be found. Two hours later, the K-9 was called back out because a Liberty County deputy thought he saw the suspect walking down the side of the road. Echo was given the "find" command again and immediately took off to the wood line, down along a wire fence. The K-9 stopped near several bushes, but the deputies didn’t see anything with their flashlights or the thermal imager. The dog continued nudging the bushes, and the officer noticed a sneaker, realizing the suspect was hidden right in front of them. He was buried under branches and bushes to the point that the thermal imager could not detect his presence. The suspect was taken into custody by Liberty County deputies.

From reports on file at RHPD.

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