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Driver winds up in ditch, blames smoke, gets busted for DUI
Bryan County Sheriff's Office Reports
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June 10 – A deputy was dispatched to the area of Meadows Drive in Richmond Hill. A woman said she went to drop the dogs at her child’s father’s home and was allowed to enter the home to see her son. The woman then said she and the man went outside and began arguing, at which time the man took her car keys, purse and cell phone inside and tried to lock her outside. The woman tried to go inside the home and the man apparently grabbed her and pushed her back onto the porch. The woman said she continued to struggle with the man until she was able to get her belongings. She had a red mark on each arm and said she had knee pain.

When the woman got back to her home she said the man was there with their son and the dogs. When talking to police, the man denied the woman's allegations and said she was not invited into the home and refused to leave after being asked to do so several times.

The man also said the woman charged him, hitting him in the chest and scratching his hands. The deputy noted the man had very minor injuries that could have been sustained during the struggle on his porch.

The deputy determined that the man was the primary aggressor and took him into custody.


Simple Battery

June 16 – A deputy was dispatched to the area of Olive Branch Road in Ellabell in reference to a dispute between a mother and her daughter. The deputy spoke with the mother who said her daughter had slapped her on the right shoulder forcefully during an altercation that started over a cell phone bill the two of them share.

After the deputy talked with everyone involved, it was decided that the daughter leave her parents’ house for a while.



June 17 – A deputy responded to a call in the area of Hwy. 280 and Harveytown Road in reference to a vehicle in the ditch. When the deputy arrived on the scene he spoke with the driver who said he thought he had seen smoke further up Hwy. 280, wasn’t paying attention and drove his vehicle into the ditch. He said he had no vehicle damage, it was just stuck.

The deputy noticed a smell consistent with alcohol coming from the man and he asked the man if he would he willing to submit to some field sobriety tests; the man agreed. The man did not successfully complete the tests, and when given a breath test it showed he was positive for alcohol and over the legal limit. The man was arrested and charged with driving under the influence, driving without a license, failure to maintain lane and driving without a valid registration.

He was booked at the Bryan County Jail and was given a bond.


Unwanted Person

June 18 – A deputy was dispatched to a residence in the area of Hwy. 280 in Ellabell in reference to an unwanted person. The deputy spoke with a man who said a woman came to his mother’s home and said she was looking for her boyfriend and that she was told several times to leave but refused to do so.

The girlfriend told the deputy she was trying to get to her boyfriend’s house but that she did not know which street he lived on. She gave the deputy her boyfriend’s number and he called the man, who told him he had broken up with the woman and he did not want her at his house because she was crazy. The deputy noted the woman appeared to have some mental problems and he tried several times to call someone to come pick her up.

The woman then took off running across the yard to get away. She headed towards the highway, but the deputy was able to catch her at which time he took her into custody.

When the deputy walked the woman back to his police car she started hitting her head on the trunk of the car. The officer advised her to stop.

EMS was called to check her out but she refused treatment. The woman was taken to the Bryan County Jail and was charged with obstruction.

Incidents taken from reports on file at the Bryan County Sheriff's Department.

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