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Driver claims insurance was 'aggressive'
Crime reports
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The following are from Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

Driving without insurance
From a Jan. 30 report, comes this gem from an RHPD officer who pulled over a woman driving a Crown Vic for not having any insurance.
“Upon stopping the vehicle I made contact with the driver … and advised (driver) for the reason of my stop and (driver) stated that she did have insurance through aggressive. I tried contacting aggressive insurance company, but was unable to make contact with anybody due to after business hours,” the report said.
Finally, an insurance company for those of us who drive like we own the road.

Wreck, fleeing the scene
Domino theory, chain reaction, take your pick.
From an RHPD officer’s Jan. 28 report comes this reminder that driving around can be an adventure all its own.
The following took place around 8:30 a.m. Jan. 28 on Highway 17 at the light for I-95:
“... I responded ... in reference to a motor vehicle accident involving four vehicles and with one complaint of a neck injury,” the officer reported, noting his investigation turned up the following:
“I learned that the following events occurred. Vehicle No. 4 was stopped at the stop light on (Highway 17) waiting to turn onto (I-95) SB. Vehicle No. 3 was behind vehicle No. 4. Vehicle No. 2, was behind vehicle No. 3 and vehicle No. 1 was behind vehicle No. 2.
“Vehicle No. 1 …. moved forward making contact with vehicle No. 2 causing vehicle No. 2 to make contact with vehicle No. 3, causing vehicle No. 3 to make contact with vehicle No. 4 and causing slight damage to all vehicles.
“Vehicle No. 1 then fled the scene,” the report continued. “Bryan County EMS arrived to asses (victim, who was a passenger in vehicle No. 2) complaint of neck injury.”
The victim refused a ride in the ambulance. The drivers were given case cards and told how to get a copy of the report and police looked around the area for the driver who split, but had no luck.

Matter of record
Sometimes, things just break. Or freeze. Or get run over. Or, well, whatever.
First, an RHPD officer was sent to the old Burger King between Quality Inn and the Sunoco station off Highway 17 around 1 p.m. Jan. 29, “in reference to a water pipe that burst,” the officer reported.
“Upon arrival I noticed water spewing from the water main. It appeared that a semi truck of some sort may have ran over the water main from the tire tracks left in the ground. I notified Braddy Enterprise and they responded to the scene and began to fix the problem.”
That night, an RHPD officer “observed a subject attempting to change the driver side rear tire on his white 2003 Hyundai Elantra,” a report said.
The officer stopped to help the driver and “we quickly discovered that the rim was actually frozen to the receiving assembly,” the report said, noting the officer gave the driver a ride to the TA Travel Center where “he purchased a chemical to attempt to break the rim free.”
The officer didn’t abandon the driver then, either.
“I then remained with (driver) until such time when he was assisted by a family friend in ultimately removing the frozen rim utilizing a propane torch and replace it with the emergency spare tire,” the report said.
And, finally, an officer was sent to the El Cheapo on Sommers Bouldevard around 10 a.m., Jan. 30 “in reference to a damaged fuel pump,” according to a report.
The officer met with a station employee who said a driver refueled his tractor trailer, then drove off “without returning the pump handle,” the report said. “As the vehicle left the area, the pump handle was torn away from the pump.”
The driver was called and came back to the gas station. The gas station employee said she “only wished to document the incident in the event she has difficulty being reimbursed for the maintenance of the fuel pump.”
Civil matter
An officer with plenty of patience was sent to an apartment complex around 6:30 p.m. Jan. 31, where she met with a complainant “in front of the laundry room” and was told the complainant paid another man $30 for games and movies.
Things went somewhat sideways from there, though throughout the officer seemed to exercise quite a bit of understanding.
“(Complainant) stated that he has no idea where (offender) lives because he met him in the parking lot of (complex) and paid him money there.”
Worse, “(complainant) indicated that (offender) is refusing to give him the games and that he has been calling him names also,” the officer reported, noting she explained to the complainant this was a civil issue “and that all I could do was file a report documenting his statement for him.”
But the complainant was persistent.
“(Complainant) then requested I take action toward (offender) for calling him names,” the officer reported. “I further explained to (complainant) that it was not illegal for (offender) to call him names and suggested that he not call (offender) on the telephone anymore.”
The complainant wasn’t finished, however.
“(He) then began to advise (the reporting officer and another officer) that part of the money he paid (the offender) was for pornographic movies and that (offender) burns those movies onto DVDs illegally,” the report said.
The officer told the complainant she would document the allegation, gave him a case number and told him how to contact magistrate court.
“(Complainant) stated that he believed he somewhat understood what was going on and requested a courtesy ride home because it was getting chilly,” the officer reported. “(Complainant) indicated that he was unable to provide the address due to him not being able to read.”
Police were able to give the man a ride home. The reporting officer tried to phone the alleged offender, but got no answer.

Criminal trespass
We only hope this guy’s not who he says he is.
From a Feb. 1 report, an officer responded to the TA Travel Center around 2:30 p.m. “in reference to a customer refusing the leave the property,” a report said.
“Upon arriving on scene, I made contact (with the manager), who stated that (the offender) would not leave the property. (Manager) stated that (offender) calls himself ‘JESUS,’” the officer reported, noting the manager also said the offender “became belligerent and started yelling. (Manager) stated that when he asked (offender to leave) he became irate and stated threatening him.”
There was no word in the report of what the offender threatened to do, but police found him at the Waffle House across the street. Police told the offender “approximately three times” he was no longer allowed on TA Travel Center property and could be arrested for criminal trespass if he returns.

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